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Achla Great Blue Heron Garden Statue

Item#: HSB-02
Achla Great Blue Heron Garden Statue
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Shown in Blue Gray Verdi
Achla Great Blue Heron Garden Statue 4.4 5 11 11
Great Blue Heron I was so pleased when I opened the package and saw the Great Blue Heron that I purchased from Vintage Tub & Bath. I love the size of it. Most of these statues have round bases but this one has those nice big feet. He is proudly standing by my Koi pond. I really love this heron. July 18, 2012
Achla Blue Heron The blue heron is exactly what we wanted for our water feature. We hope it will detract the real herons from coming in to feed on our pond fish. June 6, 2012
Happy Fish This statue took a while to get to me -- but worth the wait, it now stands proudly in our pond -- keeping away the neighborhood heron that were feasting on our fish. Really beautiful! May 26, 2012
Great Blue Heron I purchased this figurine as part of the make over of my Cape Cod home. The quality and authentic attention to detail is superb.  It looks like a real blue heron standing in the marsh, right in my bedroom!  The detail is fine enough and the height accurate enough that even up close and indoors it's dramatic. We love it!  May 25, 2012
Great Blue Heron Is Great I purchased this for a gift and it was very well received. The bird is outside the house in a little garden and looks as good as the day we bought it two years ago. We used the two long nails to mount it to the stump of a tree that had been cut down. Works fine. May 15, 2012
Lovely This beautiful piece is in the front of our home on Anna Marie Island. It is beautiful looking outside from the dining room, or as you approach the entrance to the home. Lovely quality and color.  February 19, 2012
Great "blue" heron?? I just finished a complete make over of my patio. Finally, I have the patio I've wanted for many years. The only remaining finishing touch to complete my dream was a great blue heron statute. To my major disappointment, this did not complete my patio. Let's see: if the bird is a great blue heron, what color do you think it should be? Perhaps a smoke/blue? Logical assumption. But certainly not the hideous GREEN that it is. Poor bird--imagine what its parents must look like. I will keep the statute because it is otherwise a fine statute. I am planning on taking it some place--such as a place that paints cars--and see if I can get it colored the correct color. Once I have a true Great B - L - U -E Heron, then my patio will be complete. August 28, 2010
Color??? The paint on this statue was a strange green color hit with a couple sprays of black not like any verdigris finish I have seen or like the picture. I had to repaint it. Otherwise, the statue was OK for the price. August 10, 2010