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Whitehaus Quatro Alcove Rectangular Kitcken Sink Grid

Item#: GR2514-SS
Whitehaus Quatro Alcove Rectangular Kitcken Sink Grid
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Shown in Stainless Steel
Whitehaus Quatro Alcove Rectangular Kitcken Sink Grid 4.7 5 19 19
Good idea I purchased this to go with my Whitehaus sink, and I'm glad I did. It does it's job of protecting the sink, and is a nice-looking item, as far as something as mundane as sink grids go. The only annoying thing is how flatware and small items slip through easily, and you have to lift the grid up to retrieve them. This might have been helped with a slightly different grid configuration, but in the end it's a very minor issue. April 5, 2014
Sink Grid Purchased this sink grid to go with my farm white haus sink that I also purchased with vintage.  This is a perfect grid. It protects my sink from chipping.. Having 3 teenagers I was afraid of them throwing dishes into sink and chipping it. This grid sits perfectly in sink without touching the bottom.. All dishes sit on the grid.  June 17, 2013
kitchen sink grid Looks great and fits perfectly in the Whitehaus alcove sink! November 1, 2012
Protect your sink I bought this to protect my new fireclay sink-- a pricey investment, so I thought this would be a good idea. I can wash pots and pans without worrying about damaging the surface. I have a Whitehaus 30" sink, which this is speced for. Only three minor things: 1. The center feet don't actually touch 2. I've had to replace the little rubber ends on the feet that keep the metal from scratching, but I found them easily at a local hardware store. 3. Silverware tends to fall between the slats and you have to keep fishing it out. I feel these detriments are minor compared to the protection that I get for my wonderful sink! June 17, 2012
Cool Grid! So glad the lady on the phone turned me on to this sink grid! I wouldn't have thought to order one, but so glad I did! It protects your dishes from knicks when you (or your children) put them in the sink. I gave the grid 4 stars instead of 5 because the little rubber protectors on the "feet" keep coming off and splitting, but it would not keep me from buying this grid again! June 11, 2012
A Grid to Protect a Beautifully Finished Sink Upon purchasing a Whitehaus Farmhaus Sink, we knew we wanted protection against scratching it; so we added this sink grid to our order. We are very happy we did, as it is quite effective against sink damage. We don't have to be overly concerned with pots, sharp utensils, or any other items which might destroy the lustrous finish on the sink. I would have given this item 5 stars, except it is a little less sturdy than I expected; however, it is still quite adequate to do the job well. Also, although I do recommend this item in order to protect the sink, it's presence makes it a bit cumbersome under which to clean on a regular basis (a small price to pay in order to keep the sink looking nice, though). It's great "peace of mind" when you might be rushing around in the kitchen and not paying a great deal of attention to what, and how, you are placing things in the sink. May 31, 2012
Sink Grid I purchased this product to go along with my Whitehaus apron front sink.  It is a must have, as it prevents scratching of the sink itself, AND protects dishes when you place them in the sink.  You can put dishes in the sink without worry!   May 29, 2012
Must Have With Porcelain Sink While pricey, this kitchen sink grid is a must have. You won't have to worry about any pots and pans, dishes or other dinnerware banning on the bottom of the porcelain sink which can leave black marks or even worst, chip your sink!  It's sturdy and so far (since I've owned it - 6 months now), it's held up well. This grid was designed to fit specifically with the sink I bought, but anyone considering a porcelain sink should definitely buy a grid to protect their investment. It's well worth the money and headache.  May 26, 2012