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Whitehaus Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Grid

Item#: GR2215-SS
Whitehaus Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Grid
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No Scratches I purchased this grid to protect a black, (yes, I know!!!  What was I thinking???) country style sink, in a whole house, down to the studs remodel to an old country farm house.  I noticed one evening when I was doing some clean-up behind the carpenters, as the project was winding down, the new black sink had several scratches already in the bottom.  I was just sick, as the sink was really eye catching & I had many, many compliments on the kitchen tear out, including walls, new places for windows, etc.  I had heard that you could "polish" these sinks with auto polish, leaving a protective coating on them. So, I tried that, & I guess it worked OK, but I could still see those scratches.  Now, bear in mind, no one was living in this house at the time, so I had to wonder how bad the sink would scratch, if & when, someone was actually living there full time, with the sink in use 24/7.  I remembered this grid from the website and knew that I had no choice but to put that in the bottom of this sink.  Yes, it requires a little more work and utensils can slip through it, but I know that it makes it much harder to allow continued scratching of the bottom of this gorgeous kitchen sink, and without this grid, eventually that sink would be ruined. May 24, 2012
Sink Grid - amazing!!! I love this stainless steel sink grid!!! Love it!!! So glad I got it with the sink. Keeps thinkg soooo nice and clean. Set your dishes or pots on it. Keeps the sink form dings and scratches. If you get the farm sink like I did - get the grid - you gotta have it!! You will love it! And by the way - Vintage tub & Bath is excellent. Have ordered several things form them with my remodel in the kitchen and they are very professional, prompt, helpful and the products are sooooo well priced. Free shipping - yeah!!! They are amazing! Will be using them for sure when I start on the bathrooms! January 2, 2012