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Pegasus Madison Solid Wood Floor Cabinet

Item#: F10-AE-002-12A
Pegasus Madison Solid Wood Floor Cabinet
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Cheap Chinese Cabinet When I unpacked the cabinet, I discovered that one of the drawer runners had broken from it's mount. Looking at how it was mounted, they used screws that penetrated the mounting surface less that 1/16". No wonder it fell off. Once that was fixed, the channels that had been cut for both drawer runners in the drawer bottom were done in the wrong spot so the drawer would not even ope or close. The entailed doing some cuts on the bottom of the drawers so that the drawer would open and close correctly and smoothly. The way the drawer is designed, there is very little depth. You get about 1/2 of what you see in the picture. The cabinet has "soft close" hardware but I'm finding it's more "push to close" as the hardware doesn't seem to function right. I would have sent this back but I needed it for an event in a new remodeled bathroom May 19, 2012