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Elizabethan Classics English Turn Porcelain Round Front Pull-Chain Toilet

Elizabethan Classics English Turn Porcelain Round Front Pull-Chain Toilet
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Shown in Polished Brass
$814.99 to $972.99
Elizabethan Classics English Turn Porcelain Round Front Pull-Chain Toilet 4.4 5 5 5
Elizabethan Classics High Tank Overall a quality product and functions very well. The installation was more difficult because of the heavy porcelain tank which required additional hardware and the addition of wooden supports because of the location of wall studs. I was somewhat disappointed in that some of the fittings that are visible are plastic. I thought they should be chromed metal to complete the visual appeal of the unit as a whole. In hindsight, I would probably go with a more expensive brass unit if I had to do it over. That said, I am very pleased with function of the unit and have had no trouble with it. May 22, 2012
Could Of Been Better The positive... flawless operation and overall appearance is what I wanted. However; for a $1K toilet it should of been constructed with HIGHER QUALITY internals (ballcock ect.). The finish appearence of that cheap looking white plastic nut on the supply line combined with the gray plastic locknut for the bottom of the ballcock looks terrible, AND RIGHT AT EYE-LINE. Of course I changed the grey locknut out for a white one which helped, but why in the World did they have such a nice brass (or chrome) collar connector for the flush pipe and not the supply line at the bottom of the tank (right at eye-level). Would I buy another one? Sure, if they spend some of that money I'm giving them to upgrade their product. I'm not a fan of cheap, and greedy companies. Step it up folks! Vintage Tub & fault of yours. You just sell them, you don't make them. November 22, 2009
Elizabethan Classics English Pull Chain Toilet Everything I needed to install the toilet was in the boxes that it was shipped with, given that it was a replacement for an existing unit, I just ndded a new wax seal. Assembly and installation was a real pice-of-cake, the detailed instructions were almost not needed. The Elizabethan toilet is a very high quality unit and all the visible parts are of congruent quality, everything looks good together, fit well and the total installation/assembly time was just over an hour and I am not a plumber. I like the feature that prevents the chain from being pulled to hard/far and I really like that the operation is quiet; our last pull chain was a "conversion" and could be heard in the next county. Summary: Easy to assemble/install, smooth/quiet operation, nice, good looking porcelain. Nit picking: In order to attach the handle to the pul chain you need to flatten the last link; the fastener that facilitates the attachment of the chain to the handle is very small and may not go the distance; it doesn't seat with many threads. October 8, 2009
pooka Because we have a small bathroom, we thought that the vintage toilet would take up a bit less room and also have a great appearance. The toilet is very comfortable and it has been working very well. One of the reasons I like it so well is that it reminds me of my great aunt who, back in the fifties, had an apartment in Brooklyn, NY, and she had an "original"! As children, my sisters and brother were fascinated with the "toilet with a chain", so I think of her all the time when I see it. The chrome matches the other chrome fixtures in our bathroom. Thank you so much for a great toilet and conversation piece. Just the other day a friend used it and commented on how much he liked it! August 19, 2008
LOVE IT My brother in law is a plumber and he and my husband installed the toilet. He was not very happy to be doing it, but after all is said and done, I love my completed bathroom. along with the toilet, we converted an antique dresser into a vanity with a hand pounded vessel sink. The look of my bathroom would not have been the same with any ordinary toilet. Everyone that sees my bathroom is very impressed. It is more effort to install than an ordinary toilet, but the end result is well worth the effort. My brother in law uses photos of my bathroom to show people the custom work he can do. We have had this installed for about 8 months now and have not had any mechanical or plumbing problem with the toilet. I ordered the brass water lines and these do need upkeep. If you do not polish them at least once a month they will tarnish. But I knew that when I picked the brass piping. My husband did say for the money,some of the connectors and plumbing works had been made cheaply. But the final overall look of my bathroom is terrific and I would recommend this to anyone who was creating a very antique bathroom. August 18, 2008