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Enclume Rack It Up Ceiling Mount Rectangular Expandable Pot Rack with Grid

Item#: EN-MPR-02
Enclume Rack It Up Ceiling Mount Rectangular Expandable Pot Rack with Grid
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Shown in Hammered Steel
Enclume Rack It Up Ceiling Mount Rectangular Expandable Pot Rack with Grid 4 5 1 1
Love my rack, but took some work for me I researched for a long time for a rack that would fit my space but still have enough storage space. I was very happy with this purchase. I ended up having to use it as the small size and it still has tons of storage. love my rack and love how much space is freed up in my small kitchen with not alot of space for storage. It was a little bit of a pain to put together but it was worth it. There a few steps that you almost have to have a 2nd person to hold as you piece togehter. I paid about $20 more at Kohls but thats okay it was the cheapest I could find it at the time. I have owned this for about 4 months and I am very happy with it. The only true negative with this rack is the anchor styem. I had to call the company twice and they do not answer questions about the Toggler anchors- you have to call a seperate company. I also had to call a plaster specialist about advice weither or not the Toggler could be used in my ceiling. The Toggler is meant for HOLLOW wall space. After talking a plaster guy and told him about my wall space and year built it was determined that I do have hollow space and could use the anchor system. make sure you aviod beams cause it will not work. After drilling 1/2 inch in my ceiling I put the anchor in and I must not have broke it off correctly because it was stuck and not in the correct position. I again called the company and asked for advice. They sent me TWO new togglers and there apologies. When they arrived, within only a few days, I was told to just use something to push the old one up and into the ceiling and put the new one. So I did and once again it broke incorrectly!! Frustrated and down to my last Toggler I gave it more shot and SUCCESS!! It was a bit of a pain to get up but I love it. Make sure you just KNOW where are gonna hang and have read ALL the directions, especially realted to togglers, before hanging. If you do this you will be much happier. But if you make mistakes, like I did, know the company(s) are very helpful and will do anything they can to help you figure it out!! I thought the togglers seemed flimsy at first but after now fully understanding the designed, they actaully are pretty ingenious and I have no doubt that they will hold the weight they claim. The rack does shift weight when take off and put on new pots/pans, made me nervous first time it happens but its just redisributing weight and once again NO PROBLEMS. I know its a long review but I wish I had known the info and i help someone! All and all a great purchase on a budget, looks great and works great!! September 8, 2010