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Elizabethan Classics Shower Enclosure Only

Elizabethan Classics Shower Enclosure Only
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Shown in Oil Rubbed Bronze
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$190.94 to $220.32
Elizabethan Classics Shower Enclosure Only 3.9 5 8 8
shower enclosure Easy to install, high quality, matched the brushed nickel of the other fixtures we have installed. June 13, 2014
good solution Just what we needed for the claw foot tub in our rental property. Adjusting the height/width of the bars was difficult- probably why it said to have a plumber install. It was doable but you need a pipe cutter and tiny metal drill bit. The finish is very nice and really polished the room. Keeping the ring level seems to be an issue. Installed level but it likes to twist? June 2, 2012
Elizabethan Shower Enclosure Generally good product, served it's purpose well. The fittings weren't as tight as I would prefer, loosens quickly but still effective and generally well made. October 26, 2009
Just what I expected Although I did not opt for expedited shipping, the enclosure arrived two days after I ordered it. It looked exactly as I expected, and it was so easy to install that I didn't realize it had been installed! I thought my carpenter had merely sized things up and gone home and would return to install it the next day. Imagine my surprise when I walked into that bathroom, and there it was, already attched to the ceiling. I had been shopping on-line and off for one of these, and for the life of me, I can't figure out why a danged metal rod bent into a rectangle should cost so much. But this one from Vintage Tub & Bath cost half of the least expensive of those I'd priced before discovering this site. October 13, 2009
Installing Shower Ring I installed the shower ring after installing the tub, which is not the way it should be done. The ring looks well made but I only wish the brackets were more substantial. I had to put braces in the wall and the celing so the ring would be ablle to support the weight of the shower curtain. I also felt that if the ring screwed into the T brackets instead of the screws it may have made the ring more secure. I would recommend this ring to a friend, but may have the ring tack welded at the joints at a later time. December 14, 2008
Elizabethan Shower Enclosure This enclosure works great with proper installation. Looks great, too! August 18, 2008
shower enclosure Although we chose this enclosure because it was the simplest, the design and quality is not what we had expected. It wobbles every time we spin the curtain around, and looks like it may fall apart soon. My husband is frustrated because the screws do not allow it to tighten fully to make it stable. It looks nice, but doesn't function well. August 14, 2008
A bit more space I ordered the 48 inch clawfoot tub with shower enclosure. The shower ring it came with was the circular style. While there was enough room to shower I decided I'd rather have a rectangular ring and a bit more space. I am delighted with my purchase and would reccomend this product to anyone with the circular ring that is looking for a tad bit more space. It was easy to install taking only about 5-10 minutes. July 10, 2007