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Elizabethan Classics End Mount Shower Riser with Enclosure

Elizabethan Classics End Mount Shower Riser with Enclosure
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Shown in Oil Rubbed Bronze
$228.99 to $284.99
Elizabethan Classics End Mount Shower Riser with Enclosure 3.5 5 4 4
parts break The riser bar connector cracked when tightened enough to not leak and the shower head was missing parts so it just dribbled April 18, 2012
a bit floppy Certainly gets the job done but the enclosure ring is a bit floppy (the 2 halves drop a couple of degrees instead of staying perfectly flat). Also be aware that you end up needing shorter than standard shower curtains. We ended up having to cut and hem ours which adds a few bucks or hours at least. September 16, 2008
Great addition to the Bath Room This product went up easy and looked professional. What a great addition to the bathroom. The overall project took about 30 minutes to install and when done worked right with no leaks. I would recommend this to anyone. August 19, 2008
Claw foot tub shower surround My husband & I own a wonderful Victorian twin in Historic Doylestown, PA which has 4 rental apartments. When we purchased the property 10 years ago, we started updating each apartment as it was vacated. One of the third floor apartment bathrooms had a claw foot tub installed under an eave. Since we could not install a full shower, we installed an Elizabethan Classics faucet with the "telephone"style hand held shower fixture. It worked beautifully and greatly enhanced the look and feel of the bath. Recently, we underwent a more major renovation on that same apartment. By removing walls and reoriginizing the spaces, we could install the clawfoot tub in a location that allowed more a stand up shower. Since our Elizabethan Classic faucet was still in excellent shape, we ordered a new shower riser, surround and shower head. When the shipment arrived, we found that we did not have the proper nut and cone washer to connect the new shower riser and faucet. We contacted Vintage tub, and they put us in touch with the manufactorer who immediately sent us what we needed. Not only is the product top notch, but the customer service is excellent. Thanks. July 24, 2008