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Elizabethan Classics Bath Tub Filler and Handshower with Hot and Cold Porcelain Lever Handles - Requires Enclosure

Item#: ECRM23CP-S
Elizabethan Classics Bath Tub Filler and Handshower with Hot and Cold Porcelain Lever Handles - Requires Enclosure
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$446.99 to $629.99
Elizabethan Classics Bath Tub Filler and Handshower with Hot and Cold Porcelain Lever Handles - Requires Enclosure 3 5 2 2
Excellent Fixture We bought this unit in 2010 when we remodeled and installed a clawfoot tub. The unit arrived in a timely manner. The unit installed easily and has performed flawlessly. It is a beautiful addition to our bathroom. May 14, 2012
Just give it 5 years. I purchased this faucet back on 16 March 2006. It worked great for the first year but then the problems started. First the shower wand would start to leak when the diverter valve was set to tub fill. So I contacted customer service. They sent out a diverter valve for the wrong faucet. A few weeks later I got the right one. Again it worked for a few months then started to leak again. So again I contacted Customer service. This time I got the right diverter the first time. Once again it lasted a few weeks/Months and started to leak. This time customer service sent out 3 divierter cartridges saying "some time they become dry rotted sitting in the warehouse. After replacing a total of 3 diverter cartridges I convinced them it wasn't fixing the problem. They send out a whole new facet housing. A few months later the same problem. I have tried everything I could think of to fix this problem: Only turning the valve when the water is completely off and I also tried to turn down my water pressure. With no vale. Customer service said the water pressure should not be a problem. It is my belief that the design of this diverter cartridge is flawed. Every time it closes it shaves the rubber on the diverter cartridge against the faucet. Eventual tearing a hole in it and or binding it up tell it rips During all this I also had 2 porcelain Cross handles disintegrate in my hand. All of the handles I had to re-epoxy. This holds true to the Elizabethan sink faucet I purchased too. (eccs05cp) The porcelain is not tough enough for a handle and is cheaply assembled and glued. Well now that I am getting close to my 5 year warranty I am considered that I will not longer get parts for this defective faucet. I contacted customer service and expressed my concern. If they had a new design of this diverter cartridge I would keep the faucet and be fairly pleased with it. They said there was no re-design and there was no way to refund my money but they would send me a new faucet of my choosing from their 3 lines of faucets. They would also send a 2nd faucet to make it up to me. To sum up my experiences with Elizabethan Classic: 1) Don't buy this faucet it is defective and will eventually leak on you. 2) Customer service is really good and willing to work with you if you have a problem (At least while you are still under warranty, we will see what they are like next year) 3) The Procaine Cross handles will not last long before getting hair-line cracks and eventual falling apart. 4) All pieces that are glued are done cheaply and will eventually fall off and need to be etched and re-epoxyed. Glue doesn't hold well on a smooth surface. IE. Metal that inst scratch or etched. Because all my other pieces (supply lines and waste lines) are geared around this faucet the only faucet that Elizabethan carries that will work is the ECRM10-CP. I was told that the diverter cartridge in this faucet is completely different then the ecrm25cp. We will see in a few months. I hope this will help someone avoid the same headaches I have had. Vintage Tub is great. Jonathan December 26, 2010