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Minuteman 40X32 Draft Guard Cover

Item#: DGC-01
Minuteman 40X32 Draft Guard Cover
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Shown in Black Powdercoat
Minuteman 40X32 Draft Guard Cover 1 5 1 1
Not What I Expected Hi.  This Guard does not stand on its own.  My fireplace is not metal, so I could not use the accompanying magnets.  Even if I could use the accompanying magnets, this Guard does not form a seal, so air would still be coming through it.  This Guard is also a threefold which means air flows through those folds.  This Guard is also made of thin metal. I kept the Guard, however, because I would have had to find something else to seal the fireplace.  I used Velcro Tape to attach and seal the Guard over the opening of my fireplace.  This is fine since I do not ever plan to remove this Guard.  I am in a predominantly warm climate, so I never use the fireplace.  As a next step, I may use calking to further reinforce the seal.  But, the Velcro appears to be working. If I had to do this over again, I would probably use Velcro to seal the area with wood and then reinforce that with calking.  That would be cheaper than the $100 I paid for a Guard that does not form an airless seal. February 15, 2012