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Design Element 30 Inch Single Sink Vanity Set

Item#: DEC015A
Design Element 30 Inch Single Sink Vanity Set
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Design Element 30inch Vanity Set I searched many sites for a sink/vanity like this with the green glass top and found it on several for a variety of prices. Vintage Tub & Bath not only met the best price (Overstock) they then gave me a discount. I also bought a similar two sink vanity as well. The sink is beautiful - just like the photos only better and I am very happy with it. There are several negative issues that some might find annoying - I just fixed them. 1) Water doesn't drain completely at the plug so a tiny bit of water sits next to the opening. We have hard water in my area so a hard water residue builds up quickly around the drain which needs to be cleaned frequently to prevent more build up. 2) The metal/chrome pipe from the drain below the sink bowl is visible in the open space even though there is a matching wood circle meant to cover it but it wasn't thick enough. I had my contractor (also a cabinet builder) make another U shaped piece of wood which he stained to match in the dark espresso color and I slid it over the part that still showed and now it looks just great. 3) During installation we did have to cut out part of the back of the cabinet to match where our pipes came out of the wall - but I expected that as everyone's configurations are different. 4) The cabinet legs and the two posts that hold up the front of the sink are made from very flimsy, thin, metal which need to be handled carefully. Once installed it doesn't seem to be a problem but this isn't a sink for a high-use bathroom with children. 5) There is no back splash. I went to a glass shop and they cut me a piece of standard glass the length of the top and beveled the edges which cost only $25. I used double sided thin tape (from a craft store) to seal it to the vanity top and to the wall. I had already painted the bathroom walls a pale/light green which shows through the glass making it match the vanity top perfectly. The sink pipes inside the cabinet were white plastic and showed through the glass in the cabinet door. I took some of the wall paint and painted the inside of the glass and when it is shut it covers what is inside and looks good. The color of the cabinet is a rich very dark brown with a smooth finish. The drawers slide easily. Shipping was very fast and everything arrived in perfect condition. May 29, 2012