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Crosley Radio Corsair CD Player

Item#: CR612-RE
Crosley Radio Corsair CD Player
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Crosley Radio Corsair CD Player 3 5 1 1
Good CD player, very good radio, bad speakers. . I give this produce 3 of 5 stars.  It could have received 5 stars if the speakers were of a better quality.  The radio was of very good power for the price of under $100.  The CD player is also of very good quality and easy to load and use.  The digital clock is too small.  I wish this product would have spent $10 on much better speakers and charged me 50-75 dollars more.  The speakers are limited and of near cheapest quality.  This is my only problem.  So please send this information to marketing people.  People who would purchase this item were not looking for a novel looking item.  We expected it to work well as Crosley Radio's once were of high quality.  So someone is marketing this product using an older name with quality behind it and not selling a cheap product.  The value of this item is worth, in my opinion, about half of the price that I paid.  I did a few days later purchase another because I do like the outside appearance and the name Crosley Radio. September 19, 2013