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Cheviot Mini Fiore Pedestal Sink Lavatory - 4 Inch Faucet Drillings

Item#: C613-S
Cheviot Mini Fiore Pedestal Sink Lavatory - 4 Inch Faucet Drillings
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Cheviot Mini Fiore Pedestal Sink Lavatory - 4 Inch Faucet Drillings 4.6 5 31 31
Great Product I installed this vanity and matching faucets in an under stairs half bath. The product was easy to install, despite the lack of room, looks great, and performs wonderfully. The vanity and faucets are of high quality and I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a compact unit for a small space. May 19, 2012
Great Quality and Value This pedestal sink is an excellent value with superb quality for anyone who needs a to re-do a small-size bathroom. This one costs a fraction of other ones that we priced from other bath outlets with equal quality. Thanks Vintage Tub & Bath. March 9, 2011
Make sure you check the specs. This is a very nice product and is exactly as advertised. However, if you are looking for a smaller pedestal sink to fit a smaller bathroom, make sure you check the height on the specs. The pedestal is several inches shorter than typical pedestals. So you not only get a smaller diameter sink, but it is actually shorter than normal as well. I am 5'10, and it only comes up mid-thigh on me installed, so for anyone taller, it will probably be too short. September 7, 2010
Pedestal Sink Recommend this product where space is at a premium. For functionality and appearance this is an excellent choice. For diy'ers pay particular attention to the drain location and how you will connect to the plumbing. Some have recommended spacers (between sink and wall) or smaller metal p-traps, however I opted to re plumb drain inside the wall and standard PVC fittings to get the sink secured directly to the wall. August 18, 2010
Installation tips Since this product does not come with installation instructions here are my suggestions: 1) Mount sink on 1x6" painted to match wall or trim. 2) Make sure wall is not double sheetrock or sheetrock over lath & plaster. 3) Use 2-1/2" finish nails fastening sink/board combination to wall if lag bolts cannot be used. 4) Use satin/metal 'P' trap with same type of drain and elbow to waste line. Using PVC pushes sink too far out from wall making installation darn near impossible unless you want sink in middle of powder room. 5) Make sure floor is level so there is no gap when sink rests on pedestal--unlevel floor = gap. November 16, 2009
mini pedastal sink Perfect size for a small powder room that requires additional footspace, to give the impression of a larger space. Be aware the drain outlet on the sink is a shorter length to the wall than the house plumbing's outlet pipe may be. We needed to use flexible piping to enable the sink to fit. November 14, 2009
Smallest Sink On The Market We needed a VERY small sink - and this is it! Mating the pedestal to the sink was tricky, but doable. The overall height would have been a tad short, but we added a short platform on which to rest the pedestal. Slotted mounting channels in the sink's back instead of holes would have been a nice touch since access to separately acquired sink mounting bolts is difficult. The end result looks quite nice. November 10, 2009
It's Perfect! The mini sink lavatory was perfect for my mini bathroom space! With barely inches to spare the mini allowed us to have a real door that swings into the bathroom instead of the accordion door that used to hang in the door opening. What a great feeling to know you can close the door and the dog can't nose it open! October 21, 2009