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Shower Solutions from Focus Products Crescent Rod 5 Foot Curved Shower Rod
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Shower Solutions from Focus Products Crescent Rod 5 Foot Curved Shower Rod
Item#: C60BN-S

Price: $36.99

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Size: x 60 " D
Brushed Nickel
Shower Solutions from Focus Products Crescent Rod 5 Foot Curved Shower Rod 4.8 5 70 70
GREAT PRODUCT Very happy with this product. Very happy with the quick shipping and great staff at Vintage Tub & Bath. May 25, 2014
Cresent Rod I have never installed a shower curtain before, much less one that was a little more involved than your typical rod. I followed the directions to the T and the results are beautiful. Now I have a curtain rod that really adds space and pizzaz to my bathroom. June 28, 2013
curved shower rod I am very pleased with the 5 ft. Crescent Rod by Shower Solutions. It seems to be very sturdy and definitely adds more room to the bathtub. It is exactly what I was looking for. The brushed nickel finish has a very clean and elegant look. Great product. It was very easy for my contractor to install. June 15, 2013
A great product! I spent a considerable amount of time looking at different arced shower curtain rods. This one has the distinct advantage of having the arced curtain rod itself be a single piece. It seems that other manufacturers go to some lengths to hide the fact that their rods are often two piece, with a connecting "step" somewhere about half-way along the rod which can be used to adjust the length of the rod. Rod part #1 thus inserts into rod part #2. True, this design gives the user some play when performing the initial installation, thereby eliminating the need to cut, but how often do you install the rod? That's done once. This step "feature" gives the curtain a mechanism by which it can forevermore catch as one opens the shower curtain. This is not the case here --- one-piece rod! Make sure you zoom into a picture of every rod candidate you're considering --- just barely visible will often be this "step"! I found the installation instructions which had fallen out of the box and drifted under my desk only after I had installed the rod on my own. I didn't break a sweat and it wasn't tough in the slightest. One minor potential trap: If you have a shower insert or other structure above which you're mounting the wall-mount rod retainers, give yourself enough vertical room between that structure and the bottom of the retainers to tighten a screw --- even if it's just with a bit in a ratchet --- because the wall-mount retainers have two screws, one of which much be inserted from the top of the retainer, and one of which must be inserted in the bottom. Fortunately, by virtue of the design, these screws needn't be tightened in, so just snugging them in will suffice. If, however, you don't leave yourself enough room the first time, you'll kick yourself! I lucked out! Would I buy this again? Yes, without question. I'm very happy and this shower curtain is a well thought-out design. May 26, 2013
Curved 60" shower rod This product will improve the look and feel of using a shower over a straight rod. I suggest using plastic curtain hooks for the lower friction compared to metal ones so there is less strain on the rod during standard use. This rod arrived fairly fast. I couldn't find any quality looking rods at any local stores. This rod was a replacement for one that had failed. it had failed. It failed by the set screw that holds the rod from rotation. The set screw threaded area broke away from the end mount. It is very thin. This put all the rotation force on one end and had started to work the wall mounting screws loose. I was hoping this rod would have the same wall mounting bolt pattern.. It did as it was exactly the same brand that I had from before... It does not say a brand name on it but the small part number on the end mounts was the same. This time to prevent the same failure I glued the ends of the rod in the mounts using clear silicone adhesive and didn't tighten the set screws to much. January 22, 2013
Best curved shower rod I have remodeled many bathrooms and have used other brands of curved shower rods, but the Crescent rod from Shower Solutions is absolutely the best one I have used, and I have installed several of them in projects that I've done. The great design and quality manufacturing sets it apart from others that I have used. August 22, 2012
function form and value This is a great product. It has a one piece rod that allows easy and smooth movement of curtain rings. I got the brushed nickel finish to match my fixtures...looks fantastic. Install is easy if you have the right drilling equipment. I had installed porcelain tiles which require special drill bits...ceramic is much easier. The look is defintely upscale and the curve gives much more elbow room in the tub. July 10, 2012
Very nice! Easy install.  I was so concerned about drilling through my brand new ceramic tile, but that was no big deal.  All you have to do is be able to follow instructions, and it is easy. We we're told the item was on back order, but arrived a couple of days later., that was a nice surprise.  We will buy from again, and we will be sure to tell people who we come in contact with. G. Adams Rockford, Illinois June 4, 2012