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Cheviot Dual Flush Comfort Height Elongated Toilet

Item#: C604-S
Cheviot Dual Flush Comfort Height Elongated Toilet
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$390.99 to $437.99
Cheviot Dual Flush Comfort Height Elongated Toilet 4 5 3 3
Broken is broken, Late is late Personal research found Cheviot to be the best comfort height dual flush toilet around, however, the Canada location caused some problems. My order was placed to my satisfaction, however, the toilet base arrived broken and the tank intact, regardless of the "fragile, handle with care" printed on the boxes. Replacement of the broken toilet base was going to be 2-3 months, which is long past the construction deadline. Needless to say, I had to purchase a regular single flush comfort height toilet. I still would like to purchase and install a Cheviot comfort height dual flush toilet, with a brass flush, for the other bathroom, but I am reluctant to do so. October 20, 2009
Love It I am a contractor and this is the best and most efficent toilet I have ever installed. I replaced a fairly new "efficent" fixture when I saw how well this one preformed. October 14, 2009
Great toilet This toilet is a great all-around fixture: attractive design, comfortable seat height, and quiet flush. The dual flush mechanism saves water, but still flushes more effectively than my old, one-flush model. The bowl design is easy to keep clean, and has the added advantage of being very quiet to use: no tinkling noises issuing from the bathroom! Very decently priced, too. January 14, 2009