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Cheviot Tub Wall Mount with Riser and Showerhead

Item#: C5158AB-S
Cheviot Tub Wall Mount with Riser and Showerhead
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Shown in Antique Bronze
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$471.99 to $657.99
Cheviot Tub Wall Mount with Riser and Showerhead 4.4 5 5 5
Pretty good Looks good, but we had to shorten the length and couldn't figure out a way to make the connection chrome.  Otherwise, it's been great.   August 25, 2013
Heather75 We've had this claw foot tub shower and faucet for two years now and it has been great. I still looks wonderful and it hasn't given us any problems. May 15, 2012
good great wish i had ordered the handheld to go with it. May 15, 2012
Antique shower Excellent product, delivered in a timely fashion, in good working order. May 4, 2012
Cheviot makes good spickets, though slow delivery We installed Cheviot clawfoot bath faucets after ordering another maker's product, which looked beautiful, but when installed, leaked at EVERY SINGLE JOINT! Cheviot's faucet and riser ALSO looks beautiful, is glorious chrome and looks like the period it's trying to reproduce. Best of all, it does not leak and functions perfectly. Also, the "other guys" had their faucets and shower risers set up as "all in one" with a shower curtain. And the shower curtain rod was a disaster. So if you didn't like one, you had to dump it all. It was like having to buy a gas station with the car. Cheviot was separate, which is a much better design. I'd order Cheviot the first time next time. One thing Cheviot needs to do is to bring their delivery time up to speed with their product. It took them two weeks to get it out of the distribution warehouse, and another five to get it to our home. It was as if they were stuck in the 1970's delivery times. Every other product we ordered took less than half that time. French faucet makers are sitting around eating milles feuilles and drinking espresso til' ten-thirty every morning, so they can't get it on the truck! Still, they have an excellent product, and I'd use them again ... can you send me some pastries? January 8, 2011