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Cheviot Estoril Drop In Basin Sink - No Faucet Drillings

Item#: C1180W-S
Cheviot Estoril Drop In Basin Sink - No Faucet Drillings
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$138.99 to $148.99
Cheviot Estoril Drop In Basin Sink - No Faucet Drillings 3.4 5 7 7
drop in lav sink This sink is VERY shallow and does not have an overflow outlet. As a result, it is much thinner than sinks normally installed in the USA and that causes a problem with the standard pop-up assembly. The only way I could get the pop up to fit was to modify a ABS 1.5" fitting and epoxy it to the bottom of the sink. That gave it enough thickness to be able to secure the pop up. (I received no assistance what so ever when I called Vintage about this problem. They siad someone from the manufacturer would call me but that never happened.) Additionally, since it is so shallow, that water from the fawect easily "splashes" out onto the counter. I am now looking for a different fawcet which extends further over the sink. The current fawcet has a "reach" of 6" and 8" would be much better. December 1, 2009
Estoril Drop in Basin Because the sink is shallow it does not match up to the drain to open and close. Mose drains are made for sinks that are deeper and so they don't match. October 15, 2009
Irregular, but OK I love this sind - everything about it is great, except for one important comes with a brand name printed inside. That's typical for bathroom sinks, but this imprint is WAY off-center - by over an inch. So every time we look at it, it hurts our brain...who would print a label so far off-center and then actually ship it to a customer? July 15, 2009
Estoril sink review I really like this sink. It does not splash. It looks very modern in our bathroom. It's something different than your ordinary oval bowl sink for a reasonable price. August 16, 2008
Great Sink This sink really stands out as a unique piece of the bathroom decor. Perfect for a powder room/half bath but too shallow if you need to fill it up, but that's part of what makes it so unusual and different from the standard, boring, generic bowl. April 8, 2008
A perfect fit! This sink is just what we needed. It looks great, fits perfectly in our vanity (created from an antique sideboard ;-) and is just plain classy. December 1, 2007
My 2nd Purchase because we moved Very nice sink that we put in our last house when we remodeled the bath. Now we moved and had to buy another. I really do love it & have gotten tons of compliments. Nice quality and not a lot of splash which is something I had first been concerned about. You really should look for a faucet with a high arch if purchasing though. Looks very clean & has super nice lines. October 5, 2007