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American Standard H2Option Dual Flush Right Height Toilet

Item#: AS2886.216.020-S
American Standard H2Option Dual Flush Right Height Toilet
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$290.99 to $440.99
American Standard H2Option Dual Flush Right Height Toilet 4.6 5 31 31
Top Button Flush! I haven't had a toilet that flushes from the top for a decade, and I'm really glad to have one lose a little space for candles or tissue, but there is something cleaner about flushing from the top...I weirdly feel dirty when over at a friends and I have to reach to the side of the toilet to flush, like some kind of caveman July 2, 2013
best design and quality. I have installed 8 of these toilets and they work great. Never had any callbacks. July 2, 2013
Awesome roduct The toilets were so easy to install. My utility bill showed an immediate decrease. They look great and I have not had any issues with them. May 9, 2012
GREAT! Live in rural area using well/septic system. Bought this toilet for obvious reasons & it has been one of the best buys EVER! LOVE the height (getting older so better for me!) & the dual flush/ water saving feature since I do have a well which can be worrisome, especially with the droughts we've had. Thank you American Standard - very very pleased with the 2 toilets we installed by ourselves! May 9, 2012
Great toilet. Very easy to install. Great toilet. Impressive design and easy to install. Works very well. Only flaw is you have to hold the button down while flushing. No other complaints. May 9, 2012
A Royal Flush, to be sure! We bought two: for the Master & Guest Bathrooms. What an improvement from traditional technology! Nothing at all to knock, other than for "dummies" using the Guest Bath, I made clear adhesive labels saying "Push for #1" & "Push for #2". This was an all-time-great purchase. Thank you, American Standard! May 9, 2012
For us the ideal toilet! The product has exceeded our expectations in how well it flushes. Living in an area with very high water rates the dual flush and water saving features have already impactied our quarterly bill. Will install a second one in our other bathroom within the next couple of months. May 9, 2012
Great upgrade PLeased with everything about this toilet - comfort height, dual flush is wonderful, ever clean bowl works well and the siphon flush is quick and clean. Installation was clean and quick. Had a minor problem with flush valve adjustment, but a call to customer service was a pleasant experience and solved it beautifully. May 9, 2012