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American Standard Champion 4 Elongated Toilet

Item#: AS2018.214.020-S
American Standard Champion 4 Elongated Toilet
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$254.99 to $318.99
American Standard Champion 4 Elongated Toilet 4.6 5 117 117
Maintenance Might be an Issue Bought the Champion 4 two years ago and it works like a charm. The self-closing seat seemed flimsy and I expected it to fail soon but it is holding up. However, the flapper seal failed in about a year and a replacement could not be found at the big-box home stores. Turns out there is a 10-year guarantee that covers the flapper valve. I called the manufacturer and they mailed one to me (actually they sent the entire flush valve because the flapper is not designed to be replaced). The replacement involved removing the tank to replace the flapper valve assembly. Although this is straightforward, it may be beyond the abilities of some homeowners. Most flapper valves on other toilets can be obtained at a hardware store and installed in a few minutes. This took about 45 minutes. Upon inspection of the failing flapper I noticed there is a rubber ring that actually makes the seal and it had several bubbles on the sealing surface preventing it from sealing. Working on the old flapper I was able to unscrew the one-way connector that is designed to be unscrewed and remove the rubber seal from the flapper. Next time this fails, I'll use this technique to remove the defective/worn seal and replace it with a new seal turning the task into a 10-minute job. I'd guess the seal is a $1.00 item, but to get it after the warranty is up you'd have to get an entire flush valve assembly that no doubt cost north of $25. November 1, 2014
Great Toilet I have had the Champion 4 in my home and working for about one month and for the purchase fee that I paid a better toilet is not available. I am going buy another one in the near future so that I can have the same experience in both of my baths and not have to run to the bath with my Champion 4 in it. May 9, 2014
champion 4 I purchased 2 of these toilets in February of 2013 a week or so later after install I had to drain both of the toilets because the seal was leaking between the tank and the bowl. I turned the seal 180 degrees and reinstalled. No problems until December 19th 2013 (last night) I notice water coming from under the toilet, only the master bath toilet. It doesn't appear to be dirty water so I am not sure if the bowl is cracked or what is going on but im tired of the problems!! December 20, 2013
Poor quality control I bought this toilet in 2009 for my half bath and love it. Have never had a problem with it. So last month I bought one for my master bath and one for my guest bath. The holes in the base for the toilet seat are not centered on both toilets. They are off by about 1/2 inch. Even the "American Standard" stamp is noticeably crooked. When bolted on, the seat sits off to one side and it is very noticeable. How did this get through quality control? Fortunately the company we bought them from are sending replacements. I just hope they are not defective as well. November 21, 2013
easy choice We changed out all of our toilets (4 of them) to this model while remodeling our 1989 home. It had a great flush rating, the 'bucket of golf balls' claim sold my husband. August 22, 2013
Trouble Free - Well worth it! We were always having to plunge our old toilet, as well as repair or replace the internal components, which was a constant hassle. We replaced it with a Champion 4 toilet from American Standard and the troubles were gone!  Since installing it in 2009, we've probably only had to plunge it a few times and haven't had any other problems with it at all!  We highly recommend this toilet - spend the extra $$$ and save yourself all the nasty hassles that are so common with the other cheaper toilets! August 22, 2013
It is a champion for sure! This water closet is truly the best product by far! Works with one flush everytime, never clogs, easy to install, reasonably priced and saves on your water bill. We have a plumbing business and highly recommend it to all of our clients...AND, we have them in our home. Very satisfied plumbing contractor & customer.  July 15, 2013
Steady performer. I have been a part of installing this product several times and have never been disappointed. July 11, 2013