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American Standard Champion 4 Right Height Elongated Toilet - ADA Compliant

Item#: AS2002.014.020-S
American Standard Champion 4 Right Height Elongated Toilet - ADA Compliant
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Shown in White
$300.99 to $442.99
American Standard Champion 4 Right Height Elongated Toilet - ADA Compliant 4.6 5 178 178
Not a Champion! Toilet is noisy when it flushes. Quality of chinaware is very poor. Seat is very flimsy and lightweight. Flush handle is a flimsy, chrome plated plastic. March 30, 2014
cheap seats! toilet fine, doesn't flush clean, but w low water, expected it. But why are the toilet seats so cheaps?????took back before installing another AS toilet because reviews suggested buying a real toilet seat. Why not just sell them without seats and not pretend? February 27, 2014
Customer Service - Warrantee I had an issue with bowl leaking after 1 year and I contacted American Standard Customer Service and and promply send me a replacement flush valve kit which took care of the problem. Luckily I am handy enough to replace it. February 1, 2014
Nice toilet but does not seal well This is a nice toilet but is difficult to get a good seal between the bowl and toilet. The fit is sloppy and you can never tell if it is seated correctly. It takes an incredible amount of torque to compress the seal, and I still can't get it compressed after two days. January 20, 2014
Hard to keep clean I bought this toilet on Monday and 4 days later I already hate it. I'm sure it's because of the low flow, but it doesn't rinse the bowl when you flush. That means it doesn't ever get clean unless you dig out "the brush" and clean after every use. January 16, 2014
Handles everything and quiet Installed by myself over a month ago. instructions were easy but I did not like the little cubbies to tighten nuts and such. I would prefer smoother areas. Handles everything with no problem and is very quiet when flushed. I have just recently noticed some leaking and I have not determined if it is from the bolts connecting the tank to stool or the main seal. January 5, 2014
Finally got it right, and very happy! As some of the reviews noted, difficult to seat the tank on the bowl per instructions and had some leaking at 2 tank screws and flush valve fitting. Noticed the flush valve fitting/large nut was not factory tight so I pushed the flush valve down (into the tank) to compress the gasket and hand tightened the nut. Also noticed the tighter I made the tank screws, they also leaked. I used some shims to help seat the tank as it was hard to get "china to china" contact without having the screws leak. The leak stopped and I am very happy. Great flusher as advertised! December 29, 2013
seat won't stay up Installed this toilet today. Looks nice but the seat will not stay up- fine if you are a female but me and my son are the primary users and will have to hold the seat up with one hand when using it. I tried moving the seat as far forward as permitted with the hope that it would then have a backward angle but still it won't stay up! Frustrating... October 13, 2013