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Amba Jeeves Model K Straight Bar Towel Warmer

Item#: AKS-B-S
Amba Jeeves Model K Straight Bar Towel Warmer
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Amba Jeeves Model K Straight Bar Towel Warmer 3.8 5 6 6
Very disappointed This warmer is a lot of money but barely warms the towels. Not toasty, just barely warm. It looks good though. I'm surprised VTB sells such a disappointing product. I would return it if I hadn't spent so much on the installation. I even got the timer but you need to use the warmer 24/7 or it is absolutely useless. October 11, 2013
Towel Rack Easy to install, works great and helps heat the bathroom. May 27, 2012
Great product and service I'm writing this review because the existing reviews were a big factor in my decison to buy this towel warmer, and to buy it through this company. I did a fair amount of research on different brands, and selected Amba/Jeeves based on the reviews here and the information on Amba's website. The construction quality is excellent and the finish is excellent. As far as performance I was worried, based on some reviews, that the towels would not get very warm. Turns out they get plenty warm, but it is true that it takes awhile so right now I leave the warmer on 24/7. (At some point I will probably install a timer in place of the switch.) The towels are not "piping hot" if that's what you're looking for, but they definitely feel great on a cold morning. I follow Amba's advice and drape the towel over the warmer, but don't weave it in between the bars. With this warmer I can fit two bath towels side-by-side, each folded in half. Installation was not trivial, but was manageable for a do-it-yourself'er like myself. The hardest parts were running a new electrical circuit ( I hard-wired it instead of installing a plug) and repairing the sheetrock after making cuts to install the electrical boxes and cross-members. That's another thing to be aware of: Amba recommends mounting the rack to structural members. It's hard to use studs because the electrical wire is vertically aligned with the mounts on the right. So I cut holes in the sheetrock and mounted horizontal 2x4's between the studs for the top two mounts only. For the bottom two mounts I used plastic anchors. This seems to be sturdy enough. Overall I am extremely happy with the towel warmer. I am also pleased with the service from Vintage Tub. They told me upfront that unit was backordered, and after the order they followed up to let me know what the ship date would be. February 8, 2012
Jeeves Model K by AMber Towel Warmer This is an excellent top of the line warmer. The size is perfect for 2 towels which is what we were looking for. Highly recommended. August 11, 2011
Towel warmer Looks great but takes too long to heat up. Would be better if wattage was higher. October 13, 2009
Towel Warmer Installation was a little tricky, however, the product is great. It really heats up the towels and the room! October 8, 2009