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Amba Jeeves Model I Straight Bar Towel Warmer

Item#: AIS-P-S
Amba Jeeves Model I Straight Bar Towel Warmer
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Amba Jeeves Model Towel Warmer We previously had a Dimplex Towel Warmer for about 15 years. When it gave out and could not be repaired, we looked around for another reasonably priced one. Dimplex does not make towel warmers any more. This one was about $100 more than our old one, but it is 15 years of inflation later. It looks good, but does not get as hot as the Dimplex. The heat does not pass through the first layer of a folded towel. We're not really happy with it. I should add that Vintage Towel & Bath's service was excellent. The warmer had to be imported, and we needed to have the electric hookup moved from the lower right side, as shown in the picture, to the lower left. Tey took care of that in a very satisfactory way. May 17, 2012
Love the idea execution not so good I love the idea of a warm towel and robe in the am. And I would purchase a towel warmer again however while the look of this model is very nice it does not warm the towel evenly . I think it is a matter of poor design. The bars are too far apart for one. I use it everyday but I have to wrap the towel around the bar . If anyone has any suggestions I am open to hear them. October 14, 2009
Towel Warmer This was a great purchase! Nothing like grabbing a warm towel after getting out of a refreshing shower. I am very pleased with the quality and reliability. October 13, 2009
Looks Great But Disappointing After a two year search for a moderately priced electrically heated towel rack we settled on this one and scheduled the electrician to install it on our master bathroom wall across from the shower enclosure. We did not expect piping hot towels because we had used a floor model purchased from Brookstone 12 years ago and knew that the real benefit to these was a totally dry towel (with just a bit of warmth) after every use - no mildew smell, no dampness. Unfortunately this wall unit, while far more space-efficient in our small bathroom than the floor model, has been hugely disappointing in that it just doesn't get as hot even though we keep it turned on 24/7. We tried to get customer service to help but the operator couldn't help at all and the representative who called back (over a week later) offered the ridiculous suggestion to wait for the unit to cycle on a second time for a dryer towel. March 12, 2009
Metal finish Great product, but the metal finish is not as smooth as I think it should be. The brushed metal finish could be more satin. November 30, 2008