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Amba Jeeves Model C Straight Bar Towel Warmer

Item#: ACS-P-S
Amba Jeeves Model C Straight Bar Towel Warmer
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Love the Amba! We ordered the Amba Jeeves Model C towel warmer after lots of research on the internet, including looking at other people's reviews. The product is solid, and of good quality and was fairly easy to install. It gets fairly warm to the touch. The towels are nice and warm when we use them, dry quickly, and the bathroom feels warmer. We would definitely recommend this product and Vintage Tub & Bath. The only issue we had was with the delivery - they left the item at my front door when no one was home. This is not an inexpensive item. Luckily it was there when we got home. January 2, 2014
Ordered to Canada This towel warmer works and looks great. I tried to find it in Canada and it was about double the price and the store phoned the distributor and still would have had to charge me a few hundred more than Vintage Tub had it! So even with shipping and duties to Canada it is a great deal. I also had to return a product that was the wrong finish and it was no problem. I recommend both this towel warmer and Vintage Tub.  May 27, 2012
Great product We have enjoyed the towel warmer very much. It takes a little while to warm up but is nice to have a warm towel waiting for you. We just have to remember to turn it off when not in use.  There is no indicator to show you it is on other than the heat coming from it. May 26, 2012
Great towel warmer! After doing a lot of research on towel warmers, we decided on this model in white and are very happy with it. We had space restrictions and this was the largest we could fit in. I do wish we could have accommodated one that was wider and longer, so that two towels would fit better on it, but this one has worked well and is wonderful at drying towels and anything else we put on it. It makes the bathroom toasty and is a good value, too, as quality towel warmers can be very expensive. I highly recommend this model in any size! May 22, 2012