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American Standard Champion Pro Two-Piece Toilet

Item#: 211BA.104.020-S
American Standard Champion Pro Two-Piece Toilet
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$246.99 to $414.99
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It really does work as advertised! Having lived the last 20 years with "low flow" toilets from many different manufactures all of which were inadequate for the purpose intended, I finally have purchased 2 which are working exactly as advertised - all on one 1.28g of water. Having studied many brochures on and off line, I realised the need for a 4inch release valve to deliver the flush as rapidly as possible along with as wide as possible, glazed drain for easier evacuation - and it works - every time!. Because of the large diameter of the hole connecting tank to toilet, A.S. use only 2 bolts. I had noticed some complaints in this regard with water leakage. Installers may be missing the step of installing the supplied rubber tank to bowl gasket with the hex nut contours exactly matching the tank nut & resulting in a very snug fit over the nut. The 2 bolts then being tightened exactly as indicated until the instruction. For me a great buy! April 30, 2014
Worst toilet ever Has run ever since we bought it. We even changed out parts with American Standard parts. It's less than a year old and we are replacing it.  July 23, 2013
One flush wonder We bought one of these about 2 months ago then went and bought another about 2 weeks later because it worked so well. We have never had to flush more than once, and it has had plenty of reasons to possibly need the second flush. If any marks are left behind, the next time you use it these disappear. Less cleaning needed. Very easy install and all the tools are provided. Also quiet flush. Just remember to adjust the water level to about a 1/2 inch below the top of the overflow tube. Our water bill has dropped as well. Can't beat the 10 year warranty on the parts inside the tank either. April 10, 2013
Get rid of the plunger! Easy self-install; very effective flush. May 9, 2012
Great Product !! Great Product! No more clogs! May 9, 2012
Pleasently Surprised! I was not looking forward to replacing my older toilet with a newer water saver unit, due mainly to the poor reviews many have. I searched for one that was in stock, and had better than average reviews, not so much on price. I was very pleased with the purchase of the Champion unit. Installation was easy, but the results were great! There is a decent water level in the bowel, and the flush is most powerful! I am yet to have to "double flush" with this unit. Always enough power, and the flush washes the bowel clean every time. I cannot wait to see my water bill, to see the difference in savings. Kudos to the engineers on this design. Perfection! May 8, 2012