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Clear Mirror 12inch x 12inch Fog Free Shower Mirror

Item#: 16104-121224M
Clear Mirror 12inch x 12inch Fog Free Shower Mirror
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Clear Mirror 12inch x 12inch Fog Free Shower Mirror 4.8 5 15 15
Awesome Mirror This is my second Mirror. I would not have a bathroom without it. IT IS A MUST HAVE!! I would definately reccomend the largest size. I had the 12 by 12 in my last bath and now have the 18 by 18. It is awesome. I had my electrician put it on a timer so I don't forget to turn it off. Turn on the timer, hop in shower, shave and no razor burn and it just turns itself off. The simple things........ June 1, 2012
Best way to shave Over the years I have had all kinds of shower mirrors, but when I was building my new shower  I bought this one in the 12x 12 size. I love it ! I it have hooked up to the shower light. It never fogs up even with 3 shower heads going.  May 22, 2012
Great product! My husband uses the mirror in the shower every day and loves it. May 19, 2012
shaving mirror Received my shaving mirror as promised, Everything was intact.  I gave the mirror to my contractor who installed it and he said that the installation would cost me extra due to it being a little more complicated to install.  We chose a spot in our new shower and that is where he installed it.  He had to run a new outlet to a closet where he put the new outlet which took longer than expected so this is where the extra cost came in.  having to put in a new electrical outlet and running the wires.  I am totally satisfied with the mirror and the way it works.  Its great to have a mirror that doesn't fall off the wall and onto my feet any longer. Its also nice to have a mirror that doesn't fog up while shaving.     March 24, 2011
Good product Meets my needs... wish it heated up more quickly though. Not a big deal. October 21, 2009
BEST SHOWER MIRROR!!! Since this shower mirror is actually wired it uses heat to stay fog-free. Best shower mirror I have purchased for my husband. I also bought one for my daughter who loves hers as well. October 21, 2009
I Like Shaving in the Shower I have used various shaving mirrors in the shower for years, but this is the first one that is a permanent installation (I had my shower re-tiled recently). Installation was a bit tricky because I didn't have an electrical outlet in the shower. I had to cut a hole in the drywall in the room next to the shower, fish electrical wiring to that point and back to a switch, install a receptacle in the wall, and add an access plate to cover the hole. This would be a much easier installation during new construction. Setting the mirror into the tiled wall was no harder than setting the tile itself, and Clear Mirror provided a template for the tile installer. The mirror works well once it warms up, which takes about 10 minutes. I have learned to turn on power to the mirror several minutes before I turn on the water in the shower, otherwise the mirror fogs up and takes awhile to clear. (I have no idea what the life of the mirror would be if power were just left on.) If I build/re-model another bathroom, I would definitely consider installing a shower mirror again, taking into consideration the cost. The $200 price seems high for what it is (a 12-inch mirror with heat tape on the back), and if I had to have an electrician wire it the installed costs would have been very steep. October 15, 2009
my husband loves this shower mirror This mirror was recommended by my brother-in-law who said it was a "must-have" for any bathroom renovation. My husband loves it too...says it's so much easier to shave in the shower now. We didn't do the installation ourselves since we already had a contractor on the I'm not sure how difficult that part was. October 14, 2009