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Clear Mirror 12inch x 12inch Defogger Heating Pad

Item#: 16101-1212120H-S
Clear Mirror 12inch x 12inch Defogger Heating Pad
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No More Fogged Up Mirror I bought this heating pad for behind the mirror in my remodeled bathroom. It works like a charm/ I never have to wait for the mirror to defog after I shower anymore.  May 22, 2012
Great product easy to install and has worked well since purchase. October 16, 2009
A great product. I'm loving it! I purchased the 20”x20” mirror heater. I was disappointed after reading the info that it said not to be installed on an outside wall. I called Megan in customer service asking why it said that. She called me back with the info that confirmed my suspicion. The wall could/would get cold enough to absorb so much heat that the heater wouldn’t warm the mirror. My mirror is on an outside wall and that contributes to fogging and need for the heater. I ordered it anyway and it works great. I couldn’t be happier. I installed it per the instructions except the part “do not install on an outside wall”. Well, I don’t listen very well to things I don’t want to hear. So here is what I did to insulate the heater from the wall. I purchased a piece of 3/4” thick Styrofoam and cut it 1/4” smaller than my mirror which is 36”x36”. I wrapped the edges of the foam with 2” wide, white duct tape to match the wall. This was for appearance and to protect the foam. The mirror is installed using plastic clips that stand out from the wall 1/4” to accept the mirror. I replaced the two bottom clips and added a 3/4” spacer for the foam with a hole in it for the screw, against the wall and left the screws loose. I then placed the Styrofoam on the spacers, centered it and set the mirror back in place. I then replaced the top clips with spacers and tightened all four clips. The mirror gets nice and warm but not hot where the heater is. The rest of the mirror is cold. My thought was with the Styrofoam against the heater it might over heat. Being the mirror is three times the square inches of the heater, this should dissipate enough heat so the heater will not over heat. It seems to have worked. The heater itself is good quality and I am very pleased. Thanks Megan for your extra efforts to get me the information I asked for. Now it’s fun fogging up the edges with the center of the mirror is clear. I’m loving it. December 1, 2008
Great price for practical item. What's the point of a luxury bathroom with foggy mirrors. Clear mirrors are more of a practical need than a luxury need. My local plumbing retailer wanted twice as much for this item. I installed two of the 20" square heat pads side by side on a 4 foot wide bathroom mirror. I connected the devices to a solid state timer switch so that the pads would not be inadvertently left on all day. February 28, 2008