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Toilet Seat - Round Front Square-back - Magnolia - Satin Nickel Hardware

Item#: 110-NIK-S
Toilet Seat - Round Front Square-back - Magnolia - Satin Nickel Hardware
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$31.99 to $58.99
Toilet Seat - Round Front Square-back - Magnolia - Satin Nickel Hardware 2.5 5 11 11
Seat Cover It's been a year and the finish is beginning to oxidase. May 22, 2012
Rough finish on painted seat My seat was received fine, with no problems during shipping. However, the seat quality was not what I was expecting. The finish was not as smooth as I would have expected. The paint had quite a bit of texture (think orange peel). The seat construction was also a bit weak, in that it is made from a particle board or compressed saw dust. I mainly ordered the seat for the decorative metal hinge. But in the end, I was disappointed with the seat finish. I ended up breaking the seat while standing on it painting (that is how I could see the material). Too bad the seat doesn't match the hinges. I ordered another brand to replace it. May 15, 2012
toilet seat even with it being the smallest I could order still too large............but, it was installed through jury riggin. April 27, 2010
Just what I wanted Awesome product. I specifically did research to find a product that was the appropriate size for my toilet manufacturer [believe it or not, not all 'round' seats fit the same on 'round' toilets] and this is it. Also the material is super easy to clean. I'm very pleased. March 9, 2010
waiting for NEW toilet seat! i has ordered the same version of this toilet seat (soft). in less than 6 months my soft toilet seat by the seam had torn. i decided to order this (wood) toilet seat to avoid any more problems. when i recieved my new wood toilet seat, it was still wrapped in it's original tight plastic but my toilet seat was cracked and broken. i called and the customer service rep advised me to send a picture of the broken toilet seat. i didnt have easy access to do so. i then got a call from Sandy who said she would send me my NEW toilet seat ASAP. i am patiently waiting for my toilet seat and i will then be able to fill out the review properly. i appreciate Sandy's help and your customer service has always been helpful to me. i appreciate your help and cannot wait (seriously) to receive my NEW wood (not broken) toilet seat. Thank you again so much annie. November 12, 2009
NEW Old is good This is well worth the money. I, my family & my guest have said positive comments about it. No problem cleaning. November 3, 2009
Didn't hold up After only a few months of use the lit material began to crack and swell in some parts, it looked like a "skin rash". Great customer service though, and the seat was replaced, however withing 6 months the same happened to the replacement seat along with the hardware screws pulling out of the composite board material. Seat and lid material is poor quality and too fragile for this use. Seat was replaced a third time with another brand. October 19, 2009
Beneke Toilet Seat The Beneke seat that I purchased with the toilet arrived broken, separated at the hinge. A call to customer service solved this when I e-mail them pictures of the broken seat; I requested a refund. I requested a refund because the seat did not match the quality of the toilet and would have made the completed toilet look second rate. My observations: The fasteners that mounted the hinge to the two sections of the seat could have been much longer, the material the seat pieces were made of was some kind of composite, not wood, not plastic. The painted finish was "egg shell" and appeared uneven, like too much paint too quickly. The paint around the fastener holes had chipped beyond the broken-out fastener holes making me think that the paint was not properly applied in general, I am not a painter, however. For the $30.OO price of the Beneke seat I found no lack of higher quality options. I ended up purchasing a Mayfair seat locally for $27.00 that looks like it grew on the toilet bowel; a perfect match in quality and fit October 8, 2009