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Vintage Tub & Bath
presents a sneak-peak at the all new,
Clawfoot Tub!

Vintage Tub and Bath is proud to present a bathtub worthy of the Greatest Living American - Stephen Colbert. Custom-painted by our refinishing staff, this tub proudly depicts an American flag as it waives in the breeze – the breeze of freedom (in fact, the freshiest breeze of freedom in the free world).* What other bathtub could this living legend possibly use to wash off the dirt kicked upon him by his detractors? A man as dashing and (let’s just admit it) as handsome as Mr. Colbert requires sanitary ware that is just as sharp.

A Tub Worthy of the Greatest Living American

Vintage Tub and Bath is proud - nay, very proud – to name this tub after the man who provides light where there is darkness, strength where there is weakness, and hair gel where there were once split ends.

Star Power - Something Stephen Colbert has in abundance.

Vintage Tub & Bath, the right company for troubled times.Hot Patootie, that is one good looking tub!

This one-of-a-kind item is a real 67” cast iron clawfoot tub and comes with brass ball & claw feet. Questions about this tub can be directed to the Vintage Tub and Bath Chief Marketing Officer (and Senior Plumbing Evangelist) at Email subject headings that read "Damn right! Stephen Colbert is the Greatest Living American!" will be responded to faster than others.

Stephen Colbert: Protecting (& Cleaning) the Great American Flag

* 27% fresher than the nearest leading democracy Great Britain. Source: US Government Department of Freshness, 2006 World Freshness Report