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Warmrails offers a variety of towel warmers in three different designs. Warmrails free standing towel warmers come in 11 styles and are portable with a standard outlet plug in. The hard-wired wall-mount warmers come in 3 different styles, but must be installed by an electrician. The 9 soft-wired wall-mount warmers are easily installed by you, the homeowner. Warmrails towel warmers keep towels dry and fresh but can also be used to dry off wet winter clothes or delicates that should not be put in a tumble dryer. Warmrails towel warmers are also environmentally friendly. Each Warmrails towel warmer is designed to run 24 hours a day and can use less energy than a light bulb. By drying towels on the racks instead of in the dryer you can save money on your electric bill.

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