Monday, March 03, 2008

Put Claws in a Clawfoot Tub; Bathe a Cat

Giving a cat a bath literally puts the claws into any clawfoot tub. Most people associate a clawfoot bathtub with an enjoyable, relaxing experience. This connection is quickly broken when anyone tries adding two variables that don’t mix well: cats and water. Cats' claws create a less than pleasurable encounter, but luckily we have tips for bathing a feline that won’t leave you both traumatized.

  • Start bathing the feline when it is a kitten, helping reduce the fear of water.
  • Wear long sleeves and long rubber gloves, their nails are less likely to go through rubber.
  • Trim their nails prior to the bath
  • Thoroughly brush anyway the undercoat before the bath
  • Prep everything prior to submerging the feline
    • Shampoo, 4-5 inches of warm water, towels, cup, etc.
  • Use a plastic cup to gently pour water over the cat's body, but not the head.
  • Three cap fulls of a nontoxic wetting agent, like Shaklee’s Basic H, soaks the fur coat faster.
  • Loosely put cotton balls in their ears to keep the water out.
  • Use a wash cloth around face to avoid getting water in their ears, eyes, and mouth.
  • Close the bathroom door to keep the cat from running to hide.
  • Completely rinsing off the shampoo is extremely important. Avoid continuous rinsing by adding ½ cup of vinegar to two quarts of water in a bucket and scoop over cat’s coat to remove all traces of soap residue.
  • Avoid running water while the cat is in the tub; noise and splashing of the faucet causes fear.
  • For long haired cats, use conditioner during bath then blow dry on low, not brushing until completely dry.

Further information and instructions on bathing your feline:

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