Monday, March 03, 2008

Put Claws in a Clawfoot Tub; Bathe a Cat

Giving a cat a bath literally puts the claws into any clawfoot tub. Most people associate a clawfoot bathtub with an enjoyable, relaxing experience. This connection is quickly broken when anyone tries adding two variables that don’t mix well: cats and water. Cats' claws create a less than pleasurable encounter, but luckily we have tips for bathing a feline that won’t leave you both traumatized.

  • Start bathing the feline when it is a kitten, helping reduce the fear of water.
  • Wear long sleeves and long rubber gloves, their nails are less likely to go through rubber.
  • Trim their nails prior to the bath
  • Thoroughly brush anyway the undercoat before the bath
  • Prep everything prior to submerging the feline
    • Shampoo, 4-5 inches of warm water, towels, cup, etc.
  • Use a plastic cup to gently pour water over the cat's body, but not the head.
  • Three cap fulls of a nontoxic wetting agent, like Shaklee’s Basic H, soaks the fur coat faster.
  • Loosely put cotton balls in their ears to keep the water out.
  • Use a wash cloth around face to avoid getting water in their ears, eyes, and mouth.
  • Close the bathroom door to keep the cat from running to hide.
  • Completely rinsing off the shampoo is extremely important. Avoid continuous rinsing by adding ½ cup of vinegar to two quarts of water in a bucket and scoop over cat’s coat to remove all traces of soap residue.
  • Avoid running water while the cat is in the tub; noise and splashing of the faucet causes fear.
  • For long haired cats, use conditioner during bath then blow dry on low, not brushing until completely dry.

Further information and instructions on bathing your feline:

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Go- Green!

our planetGlobal warming and the environment have recently become a hot topic of debate in 2007. Since this is a bathroom blog; I thought it would be beneficial to talk about eco-friendly bathroom cleaning supplies. I found this great website called Natural Choices; that gives you alot of information on safe cleaning supplies.

Why use products from Natural Choices?
1. The products are non-toxic upon decomposition
2. They are based on naturally derived raw materials
3. No fillers

What products you should avoid:
Products that contain chlorine, bleach, ammonia, petrochemicals, and VOC's. These products emit harmful chemicals into the air and may cause damage to the person using them or breathing them in. They also damage your air quality.

Here are some of the products they offer:
1. Automatic Dishwasher detergent. It contains no chlorine, phosphates, or fillers.

2. Dishwashing Liquid. This is a soy based product. It breaks down faster and safer and also is free of fragrances, phosphates, solvents, chlorine, and dyes.

3. Kitchen and Bathroom Cleanser. The safe alternative to clean without using bleach.

4. Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Contains no acids or chlorine.

Looking for these products? Well, go here. Where you can find a list of distributors in your area.

Good luck Going Green!

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