Friday, July 24, 2009

Corner Sinks for Small Bathrooms

You have a lot of sink choices for your small bathroom. One particularly good option is a corner sink. Corner sinks are perfect for small or unusually shaped bathrooms because they require very little space. Here are several that our customers recommended.

This Elizabethan’s Classics Corner Sink with chrome Kohler Faucet, for example, is very small and discreet yet it is highly recommended by our customers. "Andrew1000" from Boston, MAdescribes it as “a perfect size and completely out of the way”. Take a look at the photo he submitted below.

If you are looking for a sink with a more interesting shape, this corner basin sink may be a good choice. Due to the size and shape, it can be installed “in tight [spaces and allow] doors to open without hitting the sink”, says "DLB1" from Washington, DC.

A good example of a large corner sink is this wall mounted Cheviot. This larger alternative offers more space for hand washing but can still be installed in small spaces. "Czyzyk", a customer from Medford, New Jersey found this corner sink to be “perfect for small spaces and handicapped accessible”

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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Small Bathroom Storage (Part Two)

Mounting a shelf instantly provides space for bathroom products or decorations. A three tiered shelf is even better!

Bathroom Glass Shelf
The corner glass shelf pictured below is similar to a small piece of furniture. It can be easily installed and remain inconspicuous in the corner. “Eastcoaster” from Virginia explains the shelf can be “affixed to the wall to ensure stability if you are going to have heavy things on the shelf”.

Corner Glass Shelf

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Small Bathroom Storage

When remodeling a small bathroom you may be concerned about having enough storage space to accommodate all of your towels and other bathroom supplies. Here are a few bathroom accessories that will help to maximize a limited amount of space.

A simple towel rod attaches to the wall and takes up very little space. For added space, a towel bar with a shelf can be very useful.

Bathroom Shelf and Towel Rod
If your bathroom is used by several people, a towel rack is an excellent alternative. Towel racks offer space to hang towels as well as an area for folded towels above; allowing access to the whole family.

Towel Rack
An inexpensive substitute to a towel rack is a towel ring. Towel rings are small and can be conveniently placed almost anywhere in the bathroom.

Towel RingCheck back soon for another post on bathroom storage!

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Quick Tips for Making a Small Bathroom Look Larger

Hang Mirrors

This is the quickest and easiest way to make your bathroom seem larger. Even a simple wall-hung mirror can make a huge difference.

Bathroom Mirror
Mount your Heated Towel Rack

By attaching a heated towel rack to the wall, you are maximizing space and saving time. You can use heated towel racks not only to heat your towels, but to dry them as well. Also, try drying small blankets, delicates, and other laundry items.

Wall Hung Heated Towel Rack
Check back for more tips on maximizing space in a small bathroom.

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Toilet Options for a Small Bathroom

It may come as a surprise that certain toilets are better in small bathrooms than others. Since maximizing space is a priority, here are a few suggestions for choosing the best toilet for a small bathroom.

Wall Hung Toilets

These toilets save space mainly because their tanks are installed inside of your wall. A Wall Mounted Toilet can also beneficial according to "Mary" from Eastern Washington because they are the “easiest and fastest [to clean] because there is no base to work around on the floor and no tank to clean”. "Jonesy" from San Diego shared this example of a wall-mounted toilet in his gorgeous bathroom.

Wall Hung Toilet

High Tank Toilets

High tank toilets are similar to wall hung toilets because the tank is not in a traditional location. In this case the toilet bowl is located on the ground, while the tank sits higher up, requiring a pull-chain for flushing. Other names for these types of toilets include High Tank Water Closets and Pull Chain Toilets

The photo below displays a Cheviot High Tank Water Closet.

Cheviot High Tank Toilet

Other Toilet Options

If you are going for a more traditional looking toilet, the wall hung and high tank may not suit you. Here are some toilets that our customers found appropriate for the limited space they had in their bathrooms. "Cal66" from Iowa was pleased to find this TOTO Toilet was “both tall and small enough to fit in [their] bathroom which has a door that opens next to the toilet.”

Toilet by TOTO

"Joseph" from Chicago, Illinois found that this Cheviot Toilet, paired with a pedestal sink pictured in the Sheffield Suite Package was “[functional] yet small enough not to shrink and already small room”.

Sheffield Suite Including Toilet and Sink

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Best Clawfoot Tubs for Small Bathrooms (Part Two)

Whether you are remodeling a powder room, converting a closet space, or just want to add a new clawfoot bathtub to a small bathroom; here are a few product suggestions based on what our customers have been saying.

This Tub Package containing a 54 inch clawfoot tub and faucet with showerhead is ideal for those who want to do more than soak in their bathtub. Julie from Ohio chose this tub set when she “[converted] a 5’ x 8’ closet space in [her] old century home into a small bath”.

Clawfoot Bathtub, Faucet, and Showerhead

You may be reluctant to install a clawfoot tub into a small area because of its weight. An acrylic bathtub is a good alternative to a cast iron one because you can still have the look and feel of a classic Clawfoot Bathtub, but at a much lighter weight. Another customer found this tub “[weighed] next to nothing and was a piece of cake to carry in”. In addition to the ease of transporting, they told us that it is “by far the roomiest small tub [they’ve] seen”.

American Bath Factory BathtubIf you desire more soaking room than a 54 inch tub can offer, this 62 inch clawfoot bathtub is said to “make a small bathroom come alive, and [it] is adorable” by the self-described Happy Clawfoot Tub Owner from Oro Valley Arizona.

Elizabethan Classics Clawfoot Bathtub

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Clawfoot Bathtubs for Small Bathrooms

Installing a clawfoot tub may not be the first idea that comes to mind when remodeling a small bathroom. These three customers, however, did just that with great results.

For example, “TXCat” from Bedford, Texas notes: “I now have the bathroom I have always wanted. The tub is perfect! It really made my small bathroom look larger."

Another example of a small tub making a large impact.

Another customer told us that "we love our little clawfoot bathtub. It is the perfect size for a small bathroom and it fits [the] kids great. Even adults can make use of this great quality tub."

54 Inch Randolph Morris Clawfoot Tub
Diana H. from Ohio had a remodeling challenge. She was having difficulty “finding a clawfoot tub that would fit into [her] tiny 5”x9” guest bathroom in [their] new house” She found the solution in the form of the Randolph Morris 48” clawfoot tub set. Take a look at how she, in her words, transformed her bathroom “from dated to dazzling - from alarming to charming.” The before is on the left - the stunning after is on the right:

Randolph Morris 48” clawfoot tub set

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

10 Quick Fix Ideas for Small Bathrooms

After dying my roommate’s hair the other night, I managed to get dye everywhere but her scalp. Blame it on my inexperience or our small, cramped bathroom. I chose the bathroom size. If only we could ditch the toilet, tub, or sink, our bathroom would be more spacious. For obvious reasons, we decided to leave them, but plan to make other adjustments. My mission was to find the best way to make our bathroom LOOK bigger with some quick fixes. Knowing my bathroom isn’t the smallest that needs change, I hope these inexpensive, easy improvements inspire you to do the same to your tiny bathroom while you’re still in the active spring mode.

Top 10 Small Bathroom Visual Enlargements

  1. Color Conscious- Brighten and cool the room in both paint and fabric. Keep the feel light and airy; use the 60-30-10 Rule. 60% Dominant Color, 30% Secondary Color, 10% Accent Color
  2. Wallpaper- Stick with textured paper and one that uses vertical lines to add the height illusion; nothing busy.
  3. See Clearly- Substitute the opaque glass shower enclosure and for a clear, frameless one. Don't hide the little room you have. Use sheer or delicate tonal drapery fabrics.
  4. Merge- If you have both a shower stall and bathtub, eliminate the shower by adding a Shower Head to the bathtub. Clawfoot Bathtub are as short as 48"; giving your bathroom more room, style, a bath and a shower all in one.
  5. Get in Sink- Use a Pedestal Sink to give more floor space, Wall Mount it to clear the floor or add a Vessel Sink to give more counter space.
  6. Don't Cut Corners- Replace your large out-dated toilet with a small modern Corner Toilet to avoid wasted space. Corner Sinks are also available as a wall mount and pedestal.
  7. Mirrors- Reflect the space with multiple mirrors. Mirrors make any room look bigger. Use at least one with a built-in Medicine Cabinets to help with storage.
  8. Clear the Way- Only leave out what is absolutely necessary; the bar of soap. Remove the small accessories and organize to give everything a home.
  9. Board the Floors- Light colored flooring, such as birch wood, will match the cool colors and aid in the eye trick of appearing larger. Ask a professional about the best wood and sealant to use in bathrooms. Tile is a safe alternative, working well on counter tops, walls and floors.
  10. Cut the Carpet- No wall to wall carpeting. Use runner carpets to give length to the floor rather than those stumpy, rectangular bathroom carpets.

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