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Friends of Vintage Tub & Bath

This page is a listing of companies and sites that our staff likes. Nothing more – nothing less.

We do not just list any site. We deal directly (either personally or professionally) with these companies. Furthermore, we do not charge or get paid for these listings. We simply believe that you should know about companies that do a great job. Enjoy.

One of the best online retailers I know of is - an online merchant of jewelry and loose diamonds. Their product quality, selection and prices are all fantastic and they enjoy a great reputation. Don’t take my word for it - look at what 50,000+ customers have to say about their reputation. I mention them here not only because I am a satisfied customer of theirs, but because they have offered us a lot of good advice over the years. If you are looking for a nice gift for her, we strongly recommend

Valor Studios is a distributor of original autographed military artwork. What makes Valor Studios unique, however, in this specialized field is that it is an offshoot of a successful military aviation magazine – Ghost Wings. Thus, the staff of Valor Studios takes particular care in making certain that the artwork they commission is historically accurate as well as visually pleasing.

Why do I mention Valor Studios here? Well, you just have to know the guys behind Valor Studios to truly appreciate their drive and love of military aviation. Vintage Tub and Bath has known the owners of Ghost Wings and Valor Studios since they were in high school. I mention high school because that is when Adam and Bryan Makos decided to start publishing Ghost Wings magazine to honor America’s veterans. Believe it or not, Ghost Wings actually grew out of a newsletter they wrote when they were middle-school students (1994). I don’t know about you, but I don’t know many middle school students with that kind of drive.

The latest Valor Studios print is Silencing the Guns – a painting depicting the successful efforts of a American paratroop squad (from Company “E”, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division ) knocking-out a battery of German artillery pieces at Brécourt Manor on D-Day. The print is signed by the last four living members of Easy Company to take part in the assault, including the man who actually led the attack – the legendary Lt. Richard “Dick” Winters. You may recall that Easy Company was made the subject of the Stephen Ambrose book (and HBO mini-series) “Band Of Brothers.”

We have been meaning to spread the word about these guys for some time.

Our General Manager discovered Vosges while walking through a shopping mall in Chicago. The chocolates were stunning and unusually good. The flavor combinations are not super-sweet like most American chocolates - rather the culinary alchemists at Vosges blend exotic ingredients from all over the world (wasabi, ancho chili powder, Indian curry, etc.) to get their unbelievable flavors. These are chocolates to be savored, not inhaled.

There is lot of expensive chocolates out there but few really are worth it. Vosges is very definitely, without question, worth the cost. Vintage Tub now uses Vosges as a "gift of choice" when making an impression matters. The big bonus is that their customer service staff is top-flight. When it comes to chocolate, these guys rule.