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Tudor Homes

Tudor Bathroom Design

According to, Tudor style homes were inspired by building techniques from before the 16th century. Certain Tudor houses are very similar to medieval cottages and palaces and may even include a false thatched roof. Most Tudor homes offer volume entries, expansive living areas and higher ceilings. Many examples of Tudor style architecture can be found throughout Great Britain, northern Europe and the United States.

Tudor Homes

Tudor Home Style Characteristics

  • Feature stone
  • Decorative half-timbering
  • Dark interiors
  • Steeply pitched roof
  • Prominent cross gables
  • Tall, narrow windows
  • Small window panes
  • Massive chimneys, often topped with decorative chimney pipes

Archway Home Plans has this Tudor home plan with passive solar features. Tudor homes ranked a close second in's dream house survey for its cozy and romantic style.

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