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Small Bathroom Design

  • Small bathrooms present a unique design challenge. With the right fixtures and decorating techniques, however, you can work your tiny space into room of big beauty. By utilizing stylish and smart corner sinks & toilets, pedestal sinks, and miniature clawfoot bathtubs, you can convert a small bathroom into an enjoyably comfortable room that looks much larger than it really is.
  • Top 10 Design Tips for Small Bathrooms

    1. Color Conscious- Brighten and cool the room in both paint and fabric. Keep the feel light and airy; use the 60-30-10 Rule. 60% Dominant Color, 30% Secondary Color, 10% Accent Color
    2. Wallpaper- Stick with textured paper and one that uses vertical lines to add the height illusion - nothing busy.
    3. See Clearly- Substitute the opaque glass shower enclosure and for a clear, frameless one. Use sheer or delicate tonal drapery fabrics.
    4. Merge- If you have both a shower stall and bathtub, eliminate the shower by adding a Shower Head to the bathtub. Clawfoot Bathtub are as short as 48"; giving your bathroom more room, style, a bath and a shower all in one.
    5. Get in Sink- Use a Pedestal Sink to give more floor space, Wall Mount it to clear the floor or add a Vessel Sink to give more counter space.
    6. Don't Cut Corners- Corner Toilet and Corner Sinks avoid wasted space. Wall mounted, corner wall mounted, and pedestal sinks use the smallest amount of space.
    7. Mirrors- Reflect the space with multiple mirrors. Use at least one with a built-in Medicine Cabinets to help with storage.
    8. Clear the Way- Only leave out what is absolutely necessary; the bar of soap. Organize and remove the small accessories to give everything a home, you'll be more likely to put it away.
    9. Board the Floors- Light colored flooring, such as birch wood, will match the cool colors and aid in the eye trick of appearing larger. Ask a professional about the best wood and sealant to use in bathrooms. Tile is a safe alternative, working well on counter tops, walls and floors.
    10. Cut the Carpet- No wall to wall carpeting. Use runner carpets to give length to the floor rather than rectangular bathroom carpets.

    Corner Sinks

    If you have a corner available and are able to move plumbing to suit, a wall-mounted corner sink not only requires the minimum amount of room to install, but go far to make your bathroom feel much larger than it actually is. They are also available in vanities and pedestal versions if you require a more traditional design.

    Pedestal Sinks

    Pedestal sinks provide as much or little top surface area as you desire while requiring the absolute minimum floor footprint. By being able to peer under the sink, the eye is easily tricked into thinking it sees more space than is actually present.

    Corner Toilets

    Equally helpful are corner toilets. By utilizing a triangular tank design, corner toilets snugly sink in to a corner space. This is particularly helpful if your bathroom is narrow or has limited walking area. Corner toilets won't protrude into your movement area like a traditional flush wall-mounted toilet may.

    Clawfoot Bathtubs

  • While not often considered a space-saving bathroom fixture, clawfoot tubs are not only a great solution for small baths, but add a vintage flair often missing from challenging, small spaces. Clawfoot bathtubs are offered in lengths as small as 48 inches. And with tub wall or bathroom wall-mounted fixtures, you may be surprised where you can fit a clawfoot tub. Also, since clawfoot tubs sit on legs, the visual space beneath the tub adds to the illusion of space necessary for successful small bathroom design.
  • 48 Inch Classic Clawfoot Tub by Randolph Morris

    54" American Bath Factory Jester Acrylic Rolltop