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Strom Plumbing P0630 4" Columbia Lavatory Sink Faucet
Installation Instructions

The installation instructions provided below are for the Strom Plumbing P0630 4'' Columbia Lavatory Sink Faucet along with the Strom Plumbing P0162 Sink Trim Kit. This faucet was installed on the Cheviot C1044W4 Mini Victorian Pedestal Sink.

Please Note: We are providing general guidelines for a standard installation as we cannot account for the individuality of the site or items you may be working with.

Tools Layout:

  1. The most important tool to use when installing a pedestal sink is a licensed plumber. Most manufacturers will not accept warranty claims on items not installed by a licensed plumber.

  2. 1/2" Tubing cutter

  3. Adjustable wrench

  4. Basin wrench

  5. Curved-jaw channel locks (pliers)

  6. Plumber's putty

  7. Tape Measurer


  1. Screw the escutcheons onto the faucet nipples.

  2. Place ¼” bead of plumber’s putty on the bottom of both escutcheons. This will create a seal between the faucet and the sink.

  3. Place the faucet on the sink.

  4. Attach the faucet nuts.

  5. Center the faucet.

  6. With a basin wrench you will tighten the faucet lock nuts.

  7. Remove the excess plumber’s putty.

  8. Place plumber’s putty on the chain stay and insert the chain stay in the hole.

  9. Place the metal break and screw the lock nut onto the chain stay screw with an adjustable wrench.

  10. Place ¼” bead of plumber’s putty on the top of the PO plug.

  11. Place the bottom of the PO plug through the drain hole and screw in the top of the PO plug. (PO plug has a built-in stop so that you do not over tighten)

  12. Slide the washer (beveled end towards the faucet) and friction ring to the bottom of the PO plug.

  13. Apply the tailpiece.

  14. Use the channel locks to tighten the tailpiece.

  15. Remove excess plumber’s putty.

  16. Trap adaptor will be located 17” above finished floor. (Click here for rough-in instructions)

  17. Shut off valves will be located 3 ¼” distance from locknut to finished wall and 21" from the floor to the center of the shut-off valves. (Click here for rough-in instructions)

  18. Rough in 8” on centers. (Click here for rough-in instructions)

  19. There are 3 types of wall brackets that can be used to mount your sink to the wall.

  20. Place a toggle bolt to the back of the sink.

  21. Place the sink on the pedestal base making sure the toggle bolts go into the 7” mounting holes in the wall.

  22. Tighten the bolts.

  23. Bend your supply lines so that the distance of the bend is 2” center to center.

  24. Screw the top of the supply lines to the end of the faucet nipples.

  25. Measure from the top of the supply line to the shut off valve.

  26. Mark this measurement on the supply lines and use a ½” tubing cutter to cut the supply lines.

  27. Place the lock nut and washer on the end of the supply line and screw into the shut off valve.

  28. Place the washer on the top of the J-trap neck.

  29. Screw the P-trap neck to the J-trap neck.

  30. Measure from the end of the trap adaptor to the end of the PO plug tailpiece.

  31. Use the measurement to cut the overall length of the drain.

  32. Tighten the 3 trap locknuts using the channel locks.

  33. Make sure the lock nuts are securely tightened.

  34. You may have spare parts as shown.