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Strom Plumbing P0342 Double Offset Supply Lines with Shut-off Valves
Installation Instructions

We are providing installation instructions for the Strom Plumbing P0342 double offset supply lines with shut off valves as well as the Strom Plumbing P0146 English telephone faucet.

Please Note: We are providing general guidelines for a standard installation as we cannot account for the individuality of the site or items you may be working with.

For American Bath Factory Acrylic Tubs – use silicon to install fixtures to tubs and always refer to owners manual for installation.

Tools Layout:

  1. The most important tool to use when installing a faucet and supply lines is a licensed plumber. Most manufacturers will not accept warranty claims on items not installed by a licensed plumber.
  2. 1/2" Tubing cutter

  3. Strap wrench

  4. Smooth jawed pipe wrench

  5. Thread Sealant (Teflon tape or liquid form) - Liquid thread sealant should not be used for installation on supercoated brass. If used, the item will not be covered under the manufacturer's warranty. The manufacturer recommends using teflon tape on the threaded connections.

  6. Tape Measurer


  1. Rough in 1/2" male IPS with 1 1/2" of threads above the finished floor on 8" centers.

  2. Place the escutcheon plate over the rough-ins.

  3. Tighten the 1/2" shut off valve to the rough-in using the smooth jawed pipe wrench.

  4. Apply a liberal amount of thread sealant to the short end of the faucet nipple. (Use teflon tape instead of thread sealant if the finish is supercoated brass).

  5. Tighten the faucet nipple to the 1/2" thread on the faucet swing arm. You want to hand tighten a 1/4 turn using the strap wrench.

  6. Repeat on the opposite side.

  7. Take the faucet swing arm and place it in front of the faucet hole.

  8. Apply the jam washer and the jam nut to the back of the faucet nipple. (Do not tighten yet).

  9. Repeat on the opposite side.

  10. To attach the faucet body to the swing arms you will need to take the lock nut washer and install in the lock nut.

  11. Tighten the lock nut to the faucet.

  12. Repeat on the opposite side.

  13. Apply the strap wrench to the lock nut and then hand tighten a 1/4 turn.

  14. Use your sight to center the faucet the best you can.

  15. Use the smooth jawed pipe wrench to tighten the jam nuts on the back of the tub. (Be careful not to over tighten to prevent cracking of the porcelain).

  16. To attach the handshower holder, attach the washer to the lock nut.

  17. Attach the lock nut to the faucet body.

  18. Use the smooth jawed pipe wrench to tighten lock nut. Turn until tight.

  19. Attach the shower hose lock nut to the arm.

  20. Use the strap wrench to tighten the hose lock nut.

  21. Place handshower on the holder.

  22. To attach the supply lines you will first need to measure the length. In order to find out this measurement you will need to measure from the floor to the center of the faucet nipple.

  23. Then measure from the floor to the top of the compression nut. From this measurement you will want to subtract 1/2" (this measurement is the depth of the compression fitting).

  24. Subtract measurements from line 22 and 23 and you will have your overall length.

  25. Mark the measurement on the supply lines.

  26. Use a 1/2" tubing cutter to cut to size.

  27. Slide the lock nut that attaches to the faucet nipple onto the supply line and place the washer at the tip of the supply line.

  28. Remove the compression lock nut from the shut off valve. Slide the compression lock nut, the friction ring (make sure to choose the right size), and the supply washer (make sure the beveled end is facing towards the faucet) to the bottom of the supply line.

  29. Repeat last step for the 2nd supply line.

  30. Screw the 1/2" compression lock nut to the top of the shut off valve.

  31. Screw the lock nut at the top of the supply line to the faucet nipple

  32. Hand tighten the lock nut a 1/4 turn using the smooth jawed pipe wrench.

  33. Repeat on the opposite side.