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Italianate Homes

Italianate Bathroom Design

Despite the name, Italianate buildings in America were not usually built by or for Italian families. Rather, the Italianate style is a romanticized vision of Italian housing developed by America's early (and European-educated) architects.

One of the most popular Victorian-era housing styles from the mid- to late-1800s was the Italianate style. The Italianate style quickly became one of the most popular styles in the United States. Some Italianate homes were as simple as a modest two-story home to ornate mansions of sea captains and other wealthy entrepreneurs. Usually two to three stories in height, Italianate homes had flat or hip roofs, bay windows with inset wooden panels, corner boards and two over two double-hung windows. The windows often had curved or molded window caps.

Italinate Homes

Italianate Homes Characteristics

  • Low-pitched or flat roof
  • Wide, overhanging eaves
  • Decorative paired brackets and cornices
  • Square cupola
  • Wood frame
  • Arcade porch topped with balustrade balconies
  • Rectangular massing of house
  • Elaborately decorated
  • Balanced, symmetrical facade
  • Emphasis on vertical proportions: 2 to 4 stories
  • Tall, narrow, double-paned windows with hood moldings
  • Side bay window
  • Heavily molded double doors
  • Roman or segmented arches above windows and doors

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