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Georgian Homes

Georgian House Style

Georgian refers to the earliest period of American formal architecture, from about 1700 until the American Revolution. The Georgian style is actually named for four King Georges of England. More refined and symmetrical, Georgian homes have paired chimneys and a decorative crown over the front door. Modeled after the more elaborate homes of England, the Georgian style dominated the British colonies in the 1700s. Most surviving Georgians have sport side-gabled roofs, are two to three stories high, and are constructed in brick. Georgian homes almost always feature an orderly row of five windows across the second story. Modern-day builders often combine features of the refined Georgian style with decorative flourishes from the more formal Federal style.

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Georgian Homes Characteristics:

  • The combination of red brick and white window frames.
  • The use of white pilasters or columns, typically 2 or 4, framing the entrance.
  • A jack arch frame at the top of each window.
  • A fanlight transom (a rectangular window) is above the door to let light into the entrance hallway.
  • A pediment crowns the building.
  • A water table runs across the building, many times even with the top of the stairs.

The most famous Georgian style residence in America is the White House, designed by architect James Hoban in 1793 with 100 rooms. The cost was $232,372.

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