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Fireplace Accessories:

Whether you want to warm your house or curl up and enjoy a cup of coco, we have all the fireplace accessories you need to keep your fireplace looking good and ready to go. Our fireplace accessories range from fireplace screens, tool sets, andirons, firestarters and bellows. We also offer log carrier bags and log bins to make your work easier and let you enjoy your fireplace sooner.

Fireplace Screens:

Our fireplace screens keep flying sparks and coals from coming out onto your floor or lap. This safety feature gives you the extra protection you need for enjoying your fireplace, and adds class from the different vintage styles we offer in fireplace screens.

Tool Sets:

Maintaining your fireplace is a dirty and time consuming job. Our fireplace tool sets allow you to clean your fireplace effectively and efficiently. Our fireplace tool sets include a poker, broom, and shovel to help you get cleaned up so your fireplace looks good.

Log Racks & Wood holders:

After you have spent all your time cutting wood, you are going to need something to store it for your fireplace. The wood holders that we offer allow you to store your wood next to your fireplace or other places where it is convenient to access, letting you keep your fireplace blazing.

Hearth Drying Racks:

Whether it is your wet gloves, boots or hat that needs some drying out, our hearth drying racks get the job done for you. Our hearth drying racks allow you to come in from the cold and snow and place your outdoor gear next to your fireplace to warm and dry quickly.

Fireplace Crane:

The fireplace cranes that we offer allow you to put on a pot of stew or kettle of tea while cooking over your fireplace. Our fireplace cranes swivel, making it more convenient to put your pot or kettle over the fire.


We recommend our fireplace andirons to keep your logs in place while adding a little bit of décor to your fireplace.


Wet wood may give you a little trouble when you are starting a fire. The firestarters we offer let you get your fire going faster so you can enjoy your fireplace.


Along with our firestarters, fireplace bellows will help you fire up your hearth in no time. These bellows push air into your fireplace, allowing your fire to take off and grow into a nice blaze.

Match Holder:

The match holders we offer let you keep your matches handy and dry.

Tea Kettles/Steamers:

When you want to warm your heart and soul, our tea kettles and tea steamers are a great way to heat up your herbal remedy. The fireplace cranes we offer make it easy for tea kettles and steamers to be put over the fire.