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Farmhouse Homes

Farmhouse Bathroom Design

According to Wikipedia, a farmhouse is a type of building or house that will at least serve a residential purpose in a rural or agricultural setting. Not surprisingly most often, the surrounding environment will be a farm. These buildings tend to be mainly pragmatic than aesthetic, but often well-stocked or well-furnished in terms of food, insulation or in other aspects dealing with daily necessities. The supply of agricultural products from its environment tends to be a factor for this, as well as stressing the need for productivity and pragmatism in the survival of the farm. The farmhouse allows the farmers, workers and often their families to reside in close proximity to their workplace - namely the farm in question. This allows the farmers and workers to arrive at the workplace earlier, increasing the productivity of the farm. Sometimes it may refer to a building design style, or a building's former purpose. This may occur when the farming area has been developed for other purposes, but the building itself still stands. Many examples of the farmhouse style can still be found in most regions of the country.

Farmhouse Homes

Farmhouse House Style Characteristics:

  • Wraparound porch for outdoor living
  • Gables to add light
  • Usually two stories
  • Wood-frame construction
  • Asymmetrical facade
  • Pitched roof that generally runs parallel with the main road
  • Most offer multiple fireplaces, large kitchens and living areas

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