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Clawfoot Tub Education

Installing a Pedestal Sink

Please note: We are providing general guidelines for a standard installation as we cannot account for the individuality of the site or items you may be working with.

Tools & Materials:

  • The most important tool to use when installing a pedestal sink is a licensed plumber. Most manufacturers will not accept warranty claims on items not installed by a licensed plumber.
  • Smooth-jawed Stillson (pipe wrench)
  • Thread sealant (like Hercules)

The rough-in for the 1-1/2” IPS waste line needs to be 18” from the finished floor and should include a trap adaptor to connect to the P-trap. The P-trap should be standard 1-1/2” x 1-1/4” piping. Supply lines rough-in with ½” piping in the wall. Because the supply lines used are usually made of flexible tubing, there is some leeway when roughing-in the water lines. If using rigid supply lines, the rough-in should be on the same centers as the faucet hole drillings on the sink. The height of the rough-in for the supply lines can vary according to your preference and the length of the lines.

The sink basin needs to be attached securely to the wall using the appropriate brackets and mounting hardware as required by the surface to which you are mounting it. Most pedestal sinks do not come with mounting hardware. Be careful not to over tighten any nuts as this could damage the porcelain. The pedestal on most new sinks does not support the basin, it is mainly decorative. After the basin is installed, the pedestal slides under the sink. Apply caulking to the seam between the basin and pedestal.

The sink faucet should be installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The sink drain attaches to the P-trap by a compression fitting. Any threaded connections should be secured with thread sealant. Always use a smooth-jawed pipe wrench when tightening nuts on finished brass to prevent damage to the finish. We will not accept returns on items with wrench marks in the finish.

Make sure your plumber turns on the water to test the operation of the hardware and sink before leaving your site.