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Installing a cr600-60 5' Curved Shower Rod

Vintage Tub & Bath cr600-60 5' Curved Shower Rod
Installation Instructions

The installation instructions below are for the Vintage Tub & Bath cr600-60 5' Curved Shower Rod. You can also see how we installed this rod on a curved ceiling on our blog The Daily Tubber.

Please Note: We are providing general guidelines for a standard installation as we cannot account for the individuality of the site or items you may be working with.

Tools Layout:

  1. The most important tool to use when installing a corner sink is a licensed plumber. Most manufacturers will not accept warranty claims on items not installed by a licensed plumber.

  2. Power Drill

  3. Tape Measurer

  4. Phillips Screwdriver

  5. Pencil

  6. Hacksaw

  7. File

  8. Allen Wrench


  1. A standard shower rod is installed from the center of the shower hub.

  2. The standard height is 5 ft. starting from the shower hub. From the center of the shower hub you will measure 3” back and 5 ft. in height and mark your measurements on both walls.

  3. Disassemble the mounting plate so that you are holding the wall plate and swivel connector.

  4. Place the wall plate onto the wall. Pencil in the holes on the mounting plate to the marked measurement on the wall.

  5. If you have tile: use a plug anchor (not included). Using a ¼” drill bit, drill holes into the marked areas on the wall and tap the anchor into the hole.

  6. If you have sheetrock or wall board: use a decorator anchor. Use a Phillips drill bit to screw the anchor with the power drill into the wall.

  7. Place the wall plate onto the wall and drill the screws into each plate.

  8. With the tape measurer, measure the distance from the center of each wall plate.

  9. Loosen the set screw on the swivel connectors with the allen wrench.

  10. Place the swivel connectors on each end of the rod.

  11. Measure the rod from center to center of each swivel connector in a straight line.

  12. Remove one of the swivel connectors. Subtract measurements in step 8 from step 11 to determine your cutting measurement and mark the area on the rod.

  13. Use a hacksaw to cut through the shower rod.

  14. Clean up the sharp edges with a file.

  15. Place the swivel connector on the cut end of the shower rod.

  16. Mount each swivel connector onto the wall plates and tighten with a Phillips screwdriver.

  17. Use an allen wrench to tighten the set screws.