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Installing Clawfoot Tub Supply Lines

Clawfoot Tub Supply Line Installation Information

Clawfoot tub supply lines come in 4 styles: Free-standing supply lines, Straight supply lines, Offset supply lines, & Double Offset supply lines. Each type of tub supply line is designed to work with a specific type of installation. When purchasing clawfoot tub supply lines it is important to consult with your plumber and a knowledgible plumbing supply sales rep to make sure you purchase the right kind of tub supply lines to suit your clawfoot tub, your existing plumbing, & the design style of your bathroom.
Strom P0011 DOuble Offset Supply Lines

General Supply Line Installations:

Clawfoot Tub Supply Lines

Do It Yourself

Specific VTB Product Installations:

Strom P0011 Supply Lines
Strom P0342 Supply Lines
Strom P0398 Supply Lines
Strom P0634 Supply Lines
Strom P0635 Supply Lines
Strom P0675 Supply Lines