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Clawfoot Tub Buying Guide Video

Hi, and welcome to the Clawfoot tub buying guide. We understand that there are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing a Clawfoot tub such as composition, style and size. In the next few moments I will go over the important features of a Clawfoot tub to help you purchase the perfect centerpiece for your bathroom.

Let’s start by choosing the composition. Originally, clawfoot tubs were constructed exclusively from cast iron and coated with a glossy porcelain finish. With upgrades in manufacturing, Clawfoot tubs are also made from lightweight acrylic making it easy for multi story home or apartment renovations. A more earth friendly approach, copper clawfoot tubs are made from natural material. No matter what composition you choose, your clawfoot tub is manufactured for quality and durability.

Once you have selected your composition you will want to choose your style. Clawfoot tubs come in variety of styles including Classic Roll Rim, Double Ended, Slipper, and Double Slipper. When choosing your clawfoot tub style you will also want to consider size. The smallest Clawfoot tub size we offer is 48 inches and is the best choice for compact bathrooms. Our medium size tub is 60 inches and the longest Clawfoot tub we offer is a gorgeous 75 inch masterpiece.

There are three faucet drilling options to help match your clawfoot tub to the perfect clawfoot tub faucet. The first faucet drilling option is tub wall mount, which is located on the inside wall your clawfoot tub. The second faucet drilling option is deck mount which is located on the deck of your clawfoot tub. Lastly, some Clawfoot tubs have no faucet drillings at all.

No matter what style, size or faucet drilling you choose a shower system can be added to any Clawfoot tub.

To help tie your entire bathroom together it’s often the little details that matter. Our five most popular foot finishes are Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Polished Brass, White and Oil Rubbed Bronze.

We also offer custom painting for your clawfoot tub. Allowing you to create the perfect bathroom from a variety of custom color and design.

Be sure to visit our website to shop our complete web catalog of Clawfoot tubs, faucet and much more. Or call our friendly customer care staff at 877-868-1369.