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Installing a Claw Foot Tub

Claw Foot Tub Installation Information

Claw foot tubs are typically manufactured with two distinct materials: cast iron and acrylic. Claw foot tubs also come in a variety of different styles including classic roll-rim claw foot tubs, slipper claw foot tubs, double-ended claw foot tubs, pedestal tubs, and whirlpool tubs. We also sell complete claw foot tub sets which include a claw foot tub, a tub faucet, a tub drain, and tub supply lines. Some complete claw foot tub sets include a shower enclosure as well. We highly recommend having a licensed plumber install your claw foot bath tub, as many manufacturers will not accept warranty claims on claw foot tubs and fixtures not installed by a plumber.
Claw Foot Tub Installation

General Claw Foot Tub Installations:

Cast Iron Tub Foot Installations

Acrylic Tub Foot Installations