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Bungalow Homes

Bungalow Bathroom Design

"To the land of the fruit and honey, Where it does not take much money, to own a little bungalow."
- from In the Land of the Bungalow by George F. Devereaux

Bungalow Homes were extremely popular in the 1910s and '20s but still interest home buyers today. Typically, Bungalows are described as a form, not a style, however Bungalows may have detailing that makes them appear as a particular home style. Most experts agree that generally all bungalows are arts-and-crafts style, or a simplified craftsman style. A bungalow home generally has most of these qualities:

Italinate Homes

Bungalow Homes Characteristics

  • Built 1900-1929
  • One or one-and-a-half stories
  • Overhanging eaves
  • Generous porch
  • Heavy columns on the porch, often with rock or stone supports
  • Double-hung windows, sometimes with the top section divided into three or six sections
  • Living room joined to the dining room with an arch or columns between
  • Built-in cabinets or sideboard
  • Small kitchen
  • Living room doubles as the family room
  • No stairs between living areas
  • Fireplace

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