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Bathroom Mirrors Guide

Bathroom Mirrors come in a variety of styles including fog free bathroom mirrors, vanity bathroom mirrors, wall-mount bathroom mirrors, and folding bathroom mirrors. Below you will find the characteristics of each type of bathroom mirror we offer. If you prefer a mirror and a medicine cabinet in one, see our Medicine Cabinets page.

Fog Free Shaving Mirrors

Fog Free Shaving Mirrors eliminate the problem of condensation on a bathroom mirror. This Fog Free Shower Clear Shaving Mirror by ClearMirror is available in three sizes and has a thin heater that adheres to the back and is powered by the same circuit as your bathroom light fixture, fan, or even a separate switch. When turned on, the pad heats up preventing fog on the surface of the bathroom mirror.

Vanity Mirrors

When choosing a vanity mirror by Kimball & Young, you must first decide whether you want a non-lighted or lighted bathroom mirror.A non-lighted vanity mirror includes all self-locking and pre-tensioned mirror adjustment nuts and welded mirror frames so they will never come loose. Non-lighted vanity mirrors also have a weighted and padded base for added stability and durability. Lighted vanity mirrors by Kimball & Young are offered with both single and double sided viewing options. All styles are UL listed and come with a 6 ft. transparent electrical cord.

Wall Mount Bathroom Mirrors

Typically, wall mount bathroom mirrors will extend away from the wall when in use and will fold flush against the wall when not in use. Manufactured by Kimball & Young, our wall mount bathroom mirrors combine elegant styling with an antique touch. Like vanity mirrors, when choosing a wall mount bathroom mirror, you must first decide whether you want a non-lighted or lighted bathroom mirror. All non-lighted wall bathroom mirrors by Kimball & Young come with attractive mounting plates with hidden hardware and reverse from a regular view to a magnified view ranging from 4x to 7x. All lighted wall mount bathroom mirrors by Kimball & Young rotate and turn for the perfect viewing angle.

Folding Bathroom Mirrors

For home, travel or to keep in your purse, folding bathroom mirrors give you maximum flexibility. Folding bathroom mirrors come with a convenient travel pouch, and all styles are double sided with a regular view and a magnified view.