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Purchasing and Selling Antique Plumbing Items

Vintage Tub and Bath no longer sells, purchases or appraises antique plumbing parts or fixtures. We can, however, offer some advice on how to buy and sell these items.


If you are looking to purchase or sell an antique plumbing fixture, we recommend that you search SalvageWeb or Old House Web for architectural salvage yards in your area. For your convenience, we also list some of the major national architectural salvage yards. You might try searching for or offering a tub for sale in a classified advertisement magazine (like the Paper Shop in Pennsylvania for instance) or even on an on-line auction like eBay.

If you are purchasing or selling a faucet that needs repair, you can contact the sellers in our Hard to Find Parts section – many of them offer antique faucet repair services.

Advice for Buying and Selling

If you are purchasing a antique bathtub or pedestal sink, we strongly recommend that you get one with an original porcelain / china interior in good condition (no cast iron showing through, no major chips to the china and / or no significant rust). Although the exterior of an antique clawfoot tub can be restored (Tub Refinishers) with a bit of effort, the interior is another story. Interior refinishing jobs just don’t seem to last as long as many folks would like – especially for tubs and sinks in heavy use.

If you are selling these fixtures, clean them well and photograph them in good light. Take the time to describe them accurately and completely. If you need to get a rough estimate of value, you can search the completed auctions section of eBay for the item you are selling. Chances are someone has listed a similar item recently.

Estimated Wholesale Values

We are often asked what vintage tubs are worth. Although prices vary widely by area and condition, the following guide might help you. Prices are estimated wholesale – triple these estimates for retail prices:

4’ (needs refinishing) $175
4’ (original) $350

4.5’ (needs refinishing) $100
4.5’ (original) $200

5’ (needs refinishing) $50-$100
5’ (original) $100-$200

5.5’ (needs refinishing) $50
5.5’ (original) $100

6’ (needs refinishing) $250
6’ (original) $400

Prices assume that all tubs are 30" wide and have all four decorated feet. Tubs narrower than 30” tend not to be worth as much as the same 30” wide tub. Again, these prices are going to vary quite a bit – your mileage may vary.

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