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Kitchen Sink Buying Guide

Kitchen sinks are typically the centerpiece of your kitchen. Different kitchen sinks, like rustic farmhouse sinks and vintage fireclay sinks, lend character to what is the most often used kitchen appliance.

Kitchen Sinks are perhaps the most underappreciated appliance in the modern home. With the possible exception of a toilet, no other modern appliance is used more often on a daily basis then the typical kitchen sink. Used in the preparation of meals, as well as the clean up of everything eaten or drank during the day, the modern kitchen sink must be rugged enough to stand up to repeated daily use. However, modern technology allows kitchen sinks of today the ability to be both sturdy and aestetically pleasing.

Kitchen sinks come in a variety of popular styles. Farmhouse sinks, or farmer sinks, are normally larger rectangular tubs that can have either a single or double bowl fed by wall mounted or single post faucets. Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks tend to be under mounted or recessed into a counter, and can have fluted fronts or drainboards. Country Kitchen Sinks are slightly different in that the faucet is typically mounted into the raised back wall of the sink itself.

Kitchen sinks are typically comprised of one of three materials; fireclay, vitreous china, or metal. Popular metal varieties of kitchen sinks are steel or hammered copper. While the difference between fireclay and vitreous china is slight, it is important. In short, fireclay is a variation of vitreous china that has greater amounts of quartz and feldspar in the clay material. It is denser, thicker and approximately 30% heavier than regular clay. These characteristics allow for a durable, smooth, flat surface on large fixtures not attainable with standard vitreous china.

Our kitchen sinks are available in a variety of different styles and sizes. Manufacturers of kitchen sinks include Whitehaus Collection, Herbeau Creations, American Standard, and Kohler. If purchasing a Whitehaus Collection kitchen sink, use this Undermount Installation Kit which includes two 1'' metal rods and four flanges with screws. The rods are 39'' long and may be cut on site to size.

For information on installing a kitchen sink, see our Sink Installation Guide.

Once you select your kitchen sink, be sure to browse through our wide selection of Deck Mounted Kitchen Sink Faucets and Single Post Kitchen Sink Faucets. Remember, Vintage Tub & Bath offers free shipping on orders over $50.